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Is anyone else having a tough time with new relocation?

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YellowOlives Wed 31-Aug-16 10:34:47

If so, please come on here and share your tales (and possible misery) with me....

I'm almost 2 weeks in and really struggling. I like where we are, we didn't live too far from here before, but I'm just so unsettled. And the 40+ degree weather isn't helping.

My DC have started school (smallest one has started as well and it's making me feel worse than I imagined it would), so I'm not sure how I am going to meet people now I won't be going to baby groups/playgroups etc. I also need to work as we need the extra cash, but school finishes at 1pm which means I'm very limited in what I can actually do. I'm just really fed up. And I ate a stack of Maltesers this morning that I didn't really want!

I know it will get better and I know I'll make friends eventually - it's just always so hard starting off again isn't it.

swissbunny Wed 31-Aug-16 15:45:18

Yes. The hardest thing is making sure the kids are ok.

Our last move was within Europe to a country where we didn't speak the language so expected it to take time and be difficult. However it was exciting and new and the school was very supportive and welcoming and it seemed to be relatively easy.

This time we have moved to America where I naively thought that it would be as easy but we all seem to be struggling and are unsettled. High school seems to be the survival of the fittest and whilst everyone is friendly and polite there is an assumption that you know what you are doing. The time difference is making me feel the greater distance from home. Still being in our temporary apartment isn't helping.

I know that once we get into our permanent house and we find our feet it will get easier.

lamii Wed 31-Aug-16 16:56:08

I personally find it really hard to deal with a third new language. I thought it would be ok and now I am seriously fed up.

ohsobusyx3 Thu 06-Oct-16 01:47:39

Seriously fed up. Family of 5 moved in July to Singapore and it has been one thing after another.

It doesn't help that our belongings have still not arrived (they were collected 30June), so we are living in an almost empty apartment with just enough Ikea furniture to make it habitable! Our dog is only just coming. School has been hit and miss. Getting healthcare cover has been a nightmare....our 4 year old was turned down! Everything is $$$$ we are haemorrahging money. It is just way beyond anything we were prepared for. And the crazy thing is we don't have to do it. Hubby came here to make money but that is impossible with eh cost of everything just crazy.

Anyway - fed up to the point that the children and I are moving on! We're moving to Australia in Dec with hubby having to stay in SG for work. It is not ideal but it is workable and it short term 6-12months. Hubby has always worked elsewhere so it will be the same as the past 6 years only a vaster distance! He'll be able to come down every couple of weekends and the Oz school year is 4 termly so the kids have 2 weeks of every 10 weeks so we will come up to Singapore to visit.

Wish us luck!

blibblibs Sun 16-Oct-16 08:52:41

I'm a bit late to the party but I'll join in too.
We moved a month ago now, and much as it lovely here I don't know what to do with myself. DH is out at work all day. Managed to get DC into school so they're out and i spend my days trying to get rid of the smell of damp in the apartment sad
I'm sure things will get better but I don't know when or how.
Hope things are starting to get better for the rest of you and good luck with the move ohsobusy

SplendidPanda Mon 17-Oct-16 08:26:36

It sucks right blibblibs can you take language classes? When I first moved and wasn't working that occupied quite a bit of my time.

I moved overseas with my bf at the beginning of the year and I hate it. I left a job I loved to move over here and the job I'm in now I hate (it's in the same field, even the same company but it's just so so different.) I was working towards a professional qualification in the UK which I am continuing here but idk whether I'll be able to stick it out with my employer ling enough to take any of the exams. So fed up.

One thing I did find helped was getting a pet (just a hamster but still nice to come home to) so is that something that's a possibility?

SplendidPanda Mon 17-Oct-16 08:32:14

Hope your move to Australia goes well ohsobusy. Where abouts are you moving to? Do you have family there already?

blibblibs Mon 17-Oct-16 15:46:43

Hi splendid , thankfully English is the second language here so not too much of a rush to learn the other one. The kids are helping alot as they learn it at school and I have an app that I play with grin We may look at getting a home tutor though.
I go out for a walk most days, but I'm not very good at just walking, i need a purpose to it.
I also left a job that I loved. It's a very niche thing to and although they do it over here I'm not sure if it's going to be open to me. I had planned on waiting until after Christmas before making enquires but I don't think I can do nothing for that long. And if that doesn't work out I've no idea what I'll do!
I almost wish the DC were younger, at least then you have to go out and find playgroups and things to do. Much as i love my family it's always nice to speak to other people too ☺
A pet is a great idea, the kids would love it, but I'm not sure we'd be allowed one in our rental and I'm really not sure how long I'm going to want to stay here!
I hope your starting to feel a bit more settled now. Is there a possibility of you finding another job of you don't like the one you have? Easier said than done I know.

SplendidPanda Tue 18-Oct-16 11:51:44

Yeah, our apartment is technically no pets but a hamster is so tiny I don't think anyone would object too much if they ever found out.

Getting a new job is tricky because of visas and the fact that I think my problems aren't to do with this specific job, more the work culture here if that makes sense. I'm worried about leaving this to go somewhere else and it being just as bad or worse! I kind of feel like it's mostly just attitude and I do try and be positive but sometimes it's so hard and I just want to go home. I feel sorry for my bf who I moan to way too much.

Do you need a visa to work where you are?

blibblibs Tue 18-Oct-16 20:56:01

No visa required to work here so that helps but although my line of work has been in the UK for a long long time it's something that they've only started to do here in the last few months. With all my experience i'm sure I'd be a useful addition but these things tend not to go 'live' until they had the right amount of staff with the right qualifications. I will contact them and see but I'm not holding out too much hope.
I try not to moan at home too much, firstly to keep the DC bouyed up and because DH thinks it's all his fault since it was his job that brought us here. Hence why I'm on here moaning smile
Have you been home yet? I'd like to go back, if even just to stock up on all the things that seem ridiculously expensive out here! But we're hoping to have visitors over Christmas. Hope you have something similar to look forward too.

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