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Did you take all the kids toys with you??

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kiwidreamer Wed 24-Aug-16 15:09:24

Ive posted this on Chat but thought I might get more experienced comments here....

We are leaving the country soon and I'm in a bit of a quandary regarding the kids toys... to be really truly honest they barely actually play with stuff.

DD is 5yrs and DS is 8yrs, DD never plays with her princess castle / Barbie type dolls but we'll need some kind of ice breaker for new friends right? She loves her animal toys and craft. DS wont play with anything these days, just mucks around outside or wants screen time, the TV has been off since 9am today so five hours and he has has managed to fill the time without actually touching a single toy there has been untold moaning and sulking however, even lego seems to have lost its appeal and he used to adore that not so long ago.

We will be living at my parents for a year so that makes it even harder, our stuff will mostly be in storage but I'm allowed to take out designated things from the container when it arrives. If I don't take anything out then how are they going to fill the days til they start school in Feb. I guess then it will get easier, school & clubs & down time covers most of the week really.

I think I'm freaking out as it will be 12 weeks or so from arriving til they go to school and they haven't coped that well with the days they've had to entertain themselves at home these holidays. We will be visiting family, going camping, learning about our new home (new to them not me).

Soooooooooooo should the toys come with us or sell off before we go??

wherewhere Wed 24-Aug-16 15:18:02

We took the "good toys" - that is, toys that we perceive as being valuable in terms of what our son got out of them, and how long they would last. So, we took duplo, lego, train set, puzzles, some things he was emotionally attached to, such as a few teddies. But we didn't take all the teddies (we got rid of the Night Garden characters, as he was growing out of them), we didn't take various building block toys (lego and duplo are enough, last better, and will be played with for years, notwithstanding phases of not-playing).

We took books.

AppleMagic Wed 24-Aug-16 15:21:02

I had a big clear out but did take most toys with us. We also took a suitcase of toys with us for while we waited for our shipment to arrive. The kids didn't seem to miss their toys whilst they were in transit, but they were very happy when they arrived. I think it helped them understand that this was our new home rather than an extended holiday.

wherewhere Wed 24-Aug-16 15:23:29

We are moving (overseas) again soon (DS is now six), and it very much matters to him that we bring his "stuff". Like pp said, it helps him understand that we are going to a 'proper' home. It's a good opportunity for discussing with him things we might not need, but he needs to feel some control over his situation, and to feel that his stuff is as important as ours/the new place is his home as much as it is ours.

kiwidreamer Wed 24-Aug-16 16:10:07

Thanks for your replies, whenever I ask DD / DS they say they need to take all of it, even if its been months / years since they last touched it --or like Tracey Island that hasn't been touched since Xmas day-- but I did get some traction with creating a cash fund to buy new things when we get there!!

theothersideoftheworld Wed 24-Aug-16 17:11:53

I took quite a lot, we moved to a hot country so I needed lots of things to keep them entertained indoors. It's an ideal time to have a really good clear out though too

MyFriendsCallMeOh Wed 24-Aug-16 20:17:25

We cleared some out but not much. It didn't make any difference to the shipping cost so why not?

HPandBaconSandwiches Thu 25-Aug-16 22:31:55

I'm in a similar situation. I've taken to bagging up the things I think should go and then putting the in the loft for a few weeks to see if the kids miss them. I've cleared loads but it still doesn't look like I've made a dent!

vvviola Thu 25-Aug-16 22:36:16

The first move we didn't really get rid of anything, but DD2 was only a few months old, so I didn't have the energy.

When we came back I did a massive cull over the months beforehand - some of it sneakily, other times with help. We still brought loads of stuff and MIL gave us literally a whole extra suitcase of stuff the day before the packers came

I think it was important for the DC to get their own stuff back to help them settle in (and it was like a mini Christmas the day it all arrived)

But I'd definitely recommend a big cull before you go, if you can.

InTheDessert Tue 30-Aug-16 12:19:34

We did a big cull, but brought quite a lot. We brought 6 suitcases with us (DH had gone on ahead), and I gave the boys the smallest, and told them it was for toys to go with us, rather than shipped. Split the Lego at this point, some flew, some shipped some to my parents for when we visit. Depending on where your going, bring craft stuff. My paints (just ELC squeezy bottles) are most lusted after by other mums, and much disappointment when I say UK.
The building blocks are still used, but they are identical to a set I had as a child, and still used quite late. Bit like kappa blocks. Transformers, dinosaurs, superhero's, cars all much used. But it's hot. We spend much of the day indoors, venturing out early or late.
Don't ditch the Lego!!!

InTheDessert Tue 30-Aug-16 12:20:19

Oh, and if the majority language isn't English, stock up on books.

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