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Baby stuff websites for Germany?

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BertieBotts Sun 21-Aug-16 22:56:40

Can anyone recommend any good sites for browsing baby stuff relevant to Germany please?

I love a good nose through Mothercare or Next or whatever (I know Next deliver to DE but at huge expense) but I haven't found anything good in Germany. We have a Babywalz and a Babyone here but Babywalz doesn't even seem to have a website and Babyone is a bit rubbish.

Is it just not a thing they do here? I thought about looking through manufacturers' sites directly but it seems such a pain and I don't know all the names of different manufacturers. I could look at UK sites but then I'm looking at stuff that I either have to import or have no chance of actually buying which is a bit annoying.

I want to browse things like pushchairs, car seats, bedding, clothing, accessories. Just online window shopping, really! I am too early on to do any real shopping yet.

pourmeanotherdrink Mon 22-Aug-16 08:20:30

First of all, congratulations!

I don't have kids yet, so I'm sure someone more competent will be along shortly. In the meantime a few ideas from me.

Babywalz actually do have a website. Next and M&S do free shipping and free returns for bedding and textiles. Zara Home has lots of cute child and baby stuff. For furniture and textiles you could look at My Fantasyroom, Verbaudet, Home24, Wayfair, Ikea, Tausendkind and Kinderzimmer Haus.
An alternative to Babywalz might be or Mytoys. If you have the time and patience, google "Babyausstattung", "Babyzubehoer" or "Babymoebel"...lots of results.

For a bit of window shopping you could also look at So leb ich. People post pictures of their nurseries and if there's anything you like, they're usually more than happy to answer where they bought it.

BertieBotts Mon 22-Aug-16 11:06:03

Thanks! Those are great. I don't know why I didn't find the baby-walz site before. Zara has such gorgeous stuff, but it's so expensive shock

fruitscone Wed 24-Aug-16 20:28:38

Not sure if you are interested in clothing or more baby equipment, but ist a German website for children's and baby clothing and I think it is the best quality kids stuff I have ever had. It is rather expensive but if you look at their website, there is the 'second-hand basaar' link along the top where people sell on their used jako-o clothing. I recommend this for great quality at a great price.

BertieBotts Wed 24-Aug-16 20:44:22

Thanks! smile

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