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Pregnant and moving to Bucharest

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bullengirl Fri 19-Aug-16 10:01:38

Hi all,
This is my first postsmile
My husband had just been offered a job in Bucharest, and I think that it is an offer that is too good not to take, so we will be looking to reliant on the next month or so. We have moved around a lot, but this time I am 5 months pregnant with our first child, so this move seems all the more daunting.
Is there anyone out there living in Bucharest? Any advice on giving birth in Bucharest? Where to live- husband will be travelling a lot- we also have 2 dogs. Lots of questions! Be great if there are other Bucharest mums out there.

ppaaWWss Sat 10-Sep-16 09:49:49

Hello! I'm so sorry I didn't see this earlier, I hope you still see my response!

I have left Bucharest now but lived there for 6 months and was pregnant there. In my experience it's a really baby-friendly city, with loads of parks and playgrounds.

We lived near the Arcul de Triomf, in the north. There is a huge park there called Herastrau (sorry, I'm skipping accents because too lazy smile ) which is always full of mums, dads and grandparents walking their babies in strollers, and has loads of playparks. There is also a big lake which helps to keep it cool in summer. There are other parks all over the city, but I really loved Herastrau. Dogs mostly stay on their leads (it's more forest with paths than open grass) but there are some fenced off areas where you can chuck a ball around to give them a proper run.

When we arrived it was winter, and in cold snaps it can be -20, which is obviously pretty tough with a little one as you can't get out and walk. For the most part, though, it wasn't that cold. Summer is stinking hot in Bucharest, so you will need aircon. If you have moved around a lot you will probably already have a handle on getting out in the mornings while it is cool. And the mountains to the north, Transylvania and the Black Sea beaches are all great to escape to.

I would go back to Bucharest in a heartbeat - you are going to have a great time! Younger Romanians generally speak excellent English and are very welcoming, so if you don't find any expat mums, I am sure you will be embraced by the Romanian mummies!

Let me know any questions! We also move around a lot, and I'm pregnant with my first, so I know what it's like.


MrsSchadenfreude Sat 10-Sep-16 15:14:19

I was pregnant in Bucharest, but a very long time ago! Agree that people are very friendly, the parks are great. Are you giving birth there? I didn't, but can recommend my gynaecologist if she is still practising (she moved to doing mostly IVF work) - she worked in London for years and speaks excellent English.

GreenOranges Sat 10-Sep-16 15:50:55

I gave birth in Bucharest and am happy to tell you about it. Also, if you do a search on here for Romania, there was a long thread a few years ago that has lots of information and on. We aren't there anymore so things will have changed. I have no love for Romania either!

bullengirl Sat 10-Sep-16 16:27:01

Hi all,
Thanks for
Our move date is he end of October and I'll be 32 weeks when we move. Hubby has gone out out already to start work, and to sort out the house and car.
We went over a few weeks ago and have decided to try and get a flat close to Herastrau. I got a good feeling about the place, and there seems to be a good expat community out there, who seem very friendly.
Any advice regarding anything out there will be welcome. Shops, transport, hospitals, tips etc.
Many thanks!

GreenOranges Sat 10-Sep-16 17:37:49

Have you decided on a hospital? I gave birth at EuroClinic. Had a good lady Dr I can recommend if you haven't sorted anyone yet.

ppaaWWss Mon 12-Sep-16 10:10:04

Glad you also liked Herastrau!

Public transport in that area is mostly by tram, although there is a Metro station at Aviatorilor that I used. I used Uber loads and would definitely recommend it. Once your LO arrives you will need to carry your own carseat as while some taxis have them they may take ages to arrive. Normal Bucharest taxis are also good - there are apps to order them - but while most are very cheap prices vary. They have a price per km on the door - 1.79EUR is the lowest and very common. Some are as high as 6EUR per km so it is worth checking before you get in.

There is a mall on the road between Herastrau and the airport called Baneasa that has a Mothercare. The same complex has an Ikea. I bought some baby things at Carrefour, H&M and Zara as well.

Make sure you have some decent snowboots before the first snow comes - they make all the difference with balancing on icy pavements - especially when you have a bump!

I didn't have much medical care there, only a dating scan, which was fine. I think the clinic was called Sanofi.

Good luck and enjoy!

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