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Shipping costs to Australia

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cori Tue 30-Jan-07 10:29:33

Can anyone give me an idea on how much it would cost to ship a two bedroom flat worth of furniture and 'personal effects to Australia. We are talking beds, sofa, table, a couple of cupboards and 'stuff' a gueestemiate will do.

eidsvold Wed 31-Jan-07 02:23:08

i would say - ditch the furniture - you can buy good quality here for less than it would cost to send. No point in bringing anything electrical as it is different plugs although same wattage. Again cheaper to purchase here.

I would start with personal effects that you can bear to get rid of and go from there. We moved out to Aus with three of us - dh, me and dd1. We took three large boxes of personal effects we could not bear to part with, dds car seat and buggy on plane and three suitcases worth of clothes on the plane.

So much easier to just get it when you get here.

furniture costs as an idea

plenty of variety stores like K-mart, BigW to purchase home items from - crockery, cutlery etc again for very reasonable cost.

eidsvold Wed 31-Jan-07 02:24:19

i do know some people who brought a lot of stuff with them - hired a part of a shipping container.

Am sure another mumsnetter brought furniture etc - so hopefully they will be along soon to help you out.

We found it so much easier to start again in terms of large items especially.

sandcastles Wed 31-Jan-07 02:29:38

We paid 3k for a 2 bed house. 2 adults 1 child. Including baby stuff, bed, cot, sofa, armchair, travel system, PC, we had heaps.

That included some packing (fragile items), collection (obviously) shipping, quarenteen & costoms this end. Delievery & unpacking as much as I wanted them to. They also took away the packaging & offered to come back for the boxes, but we kept them. That was including insurance.

Used Britannia

sandcastles Wed 31-Jan-07 02:33:44

Please excuss spelling, in a hurry!

sunshinefairy Wed 31-Jan-07 06:46:24

Hi I packed up a 2 bed flat and took everything. cost 3.500 including packing insurance, customs and unpacking I USED brittania as well and i have done it the other way as well aust to uk cost 8000.00 with insurance had a lot more stuff>
If I was to do it again and I am likely to:

I would leave out mattresses they take up room, and you can buy in australia.
I packed all my own cd/ds games/dvd has I had some taken into a plastic box.
I think it is nice to have your belongings around you it makes it an easier transition for kids.

remember you cannot take tv. video or dvd unless it is aregion free dvd. as they won;'t work. and electical items I think I would not take. I spent so much time cutting and putting new plugs on. all items work fine. I guess it depends on your budget in aust. It would cost between $3000.00 -6000.00 to fully furnish a house in aust. depending on where you buy and what furniture you like.

I hope this helps

sunshinefairy Wed 31-Jan-07 06:46:56

sorry I used bonner the second time

cori Wed 31-Jan-07 13:21:15

Thanks, we have been here for a long time and we some nice stuff we dont want to part with, I really dont want to start all over again. But I am willing leave some bits behind as they wear out. Thanks for that link eidsvold

scully Fri 02-Feb-07 07:09:53

Hi Cori, we used Excess in September last year and pretty much filled a 20ft container which was shipped from England to Brisbane, cost about £3,400. I got 4 quotes and couldn't really see a difference between the service being sold to me, so just went with the 2 companies I felt most comfortable with and got them down about £300 in price from their initial quote. Don't be afraid to go back to them and say you've been quoted lower and what can they do to better their quote. Our container left our house on 20/9, left Port on 23/9 and was delivered to our house in Brisbane on 7/11. When we arrived in October, dd1 was 4.5yrs and dd2 was 10mths and by the time we had found a house to rent, a school for dd1, bought a car, fridge, freezer, tv, dvd player, fan and dh had found work, the last thing we felt like doing was then having to shop for everything as well. It was the start of summer, the girls and us were adjusting the hotter climate, finding our way around (although I had grown up in Brisbane I hadn't lived here in 14yrs) and we were both very glad not to have to do anymore running around than we had to. In the couple of years before leaving the UK, we had finally bought some nice furniture etc, after living in rentals for so long, and I just didn't want to come here and have to start again with everything. To update some of the electrical things was good to do, but it gave us all some continuity to have the same furniture in our lounge room and bed rooms at least, especially for dd1.
Changing plugs was fine, we've done that on our small things like microwave, bedside lamps, etc, just bring adapters with you so you can use those things until you get around to changing the plugs over.
For us, although it was a lot of money, it made life so much easier when we got here, and I think helped us and the dd's settle more quickly, having some familiar things around. Good luck

traceyl25 Wed 24-Jun-09 15:30:45


i cant give you an exact figure- we moved a 3 bed house so what we paid will be very different- we used a company called fn worldwide and i am very happy to recommend them.

they were really helpful with al the paperwork and even packed all our stuff for us! i didnt have to lift a finger.
there is a free quote calc on the website which might give you an idea of cost.


good luck with it !

thumbwitch Wed 24-Jun-09 15:36:25

hi, just in process with this - moving a 3-bed house (but only one bed frame, left the rest behind) - shipping cost £3,150 for about 70% of a 40ft container. Company is Wentworth International and they couldn't have been more helpful. I did a lot of the small stuff packing before they came in (I have a LOT of books for e.g.).

That price is door to door, btw.

thumbwitch Wed 24-Jun-09 15:37:59

Wentworth International

inscotland Sat 27-Jun-09 20:48:23

eeerrr, yes you can use your TV, DVD and video players with you. Your TV is likely to require tuned into the german or french setting but will be fine if you use foxtel. Your DVD player will of course only play your current DVDs. Same with your video but most definitely take them.

We're £5700 for a 40ft to Perth.

inscotland Sat 27-Jun-09 20:51:55

I don't get eidsvold's post at all.

My house contents (once I added everything up myself for insurance purposes) came to just over £30,000. Shipping is £5700. You do the maths!

Your electrical stuff will work. You just need to change the plug. Take some extension cables to save you changing every plug all at once.

Any car seat you take from the UK to Oz won't be legal and would probably invalidate your insurance.

chloeb2002 Mon 29-Jun-09 01:38:29

I diito eids post... and i get it! we paid for a container and really wish we hadnt bothered. firstly we needed stuff when we got here and the container too time to catch us.. two months behind us so we still bought beds. sofas, tv and electrical stuff, houshold basics sheets bedding cooking pots and pans. no we didnt have amazing furniture in the Uk and only brought stuff we valued and all of dd's bedroom and baby stuff. however so much stuff here is bought here. warrenties on all our stuff here are valid here, stuffed if you bought them in the uk. we live a different life here so less stuff in the house alot more outide stuff. bbq furtniture toys etc.. just think a fresh start we would have only sent a few bowxes of sentimental stuff and sold the rest in the uk before we came...

dzabski Thu 25-Jan-18 10:17:59

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