Consignment Shops in the UK or what do you do?

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Leanne2011 Mon 11-May-15 22:23:23


Leanne2011 Mon 11-May-15 22:22:25


Kameko043 Mon 29-Jan-07 18:47:07

Sorry, I should have been clearer in my description.

Consignment Shop (the one I frequented in the States) we split 50/50 of the price. They took in clothes, high chairs, strollers, booster seats, potty chairs, DVD's, toys, shoes, hair and jewerly accessories, play areas, walkers, doorway jumpers, cribs, Everything they 'took in' had to be in great shape. Honestly, it was hard to tell the difference between slightly used and new. Besides kids are in and out of sizes so quickly, sometimes the clothing is outgrown before being worn. They accepted gently worn, no holes, no missing or broken zippers or buttons allowed. The money I made, I would buy the Boys clothes in their next size. In other words, I never had to spend extra money to buy their clothes, whether in that shop or had to go elsewhere to get something else.

I inquired as to what people around here do with the outgrown clothes. "Give it away" and buy new. I was told a Consignment Store was tried out in the village, but didn't last long.

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Scootergirl Mon 29-Jan-07 18:26:27

What about selling bundles via your local Loot?

hana Mon 29-Jan-07 18:25:57

a consignment shop takes a cut of the sale price, and the seller gets the rest -

hana Mon 29-Jan-07 18:25:24

charity shops
friends that have younger girls/boys
NCT 'nearly new' saless

there are some consignments shops around ( can think of 2 in my area) but they usually take 60% of price.

charity shop gets all our outgrown clothes, those that I don't keep for dd2 or dd3, or give them to friends.

Scootergirl Mon 29-Jan-07 18:24:13

What's a consignment shop? Is it like a dress agency?


Kameko043 Mon 29-Jan-07 18:23:03

I miss Consignment Shops in the US. Can't find anything like that here in the UK. I've no storage for the clothes our Boys are outgrowing.
Shipping back to the states is no good, high shipping costs. What do you do with the outgrown stuff (besides E-Bay)?

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