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Cape Town - To go or stay put?

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Fi2013 Sun 07-Aug-16 09:41:22

A bit of dilemma- hubby is from Cape Town and we lived there for a year 6 years ago. I do love CT but I am aware of the issues it has. We currently live in a lovely town in the UK and have settled in well in the community. We have two children 6 & 2. Hubby has been approached for a job with good salary. We could move back there mortgage free and put our children in great schools.
We are very lucky here but he is missing the lifestyle, weather, friends and family. My family is spread across Europe and the US so we wouldn't be leaving family- even though we do have amazing friends who are like family.

We are going over this year with open eyes for 2 weeks. I am very aware of the crime even though our friends and family have never been affected directly....

TheLongRains Sun 07-Aug-16 09:51:52

Tricky. Could you go as a "trial"? Say to yourselves that you'll go for 2,3,5 years, or whatever you feel would be a fair chance, and if it's not right then you'll move back to the UK where you know it is working well for you all?

We were in SA for a while (similarly, husband from there), but not in CT (not anywhere nice at all, in fact!), and for us the standard of living, the safety, and me missing family meant we returned to the UK.

You sound in a better position to be going (not strong family ties to the UK, and able to afford better over there than we're could in terms of housing and schools), so it could be you'll all love it. It is a beautiful place!

Hope you find what's right for you all smile

Fi2013 Thu 11-Aug-16 12:52:13

Thanks for your reply! It's hard isn't it as the only major thing is the security issue even though I never felt unsafe when we lived there. Our friends and family are happy there but I keep reading things on FB groups.... But now we have the kids it changes it all. X

JamieVardysParty Thu 11-Aug-16 14:20:37

DH moved back to SA 2 years ago, I followed last year. Again, nowhere near as nice as CT where I would move in a heartbeat.

We are in a smallish rural town with low unemployment so crime is also relatively low. I don't drive but feel very comfortable walking around like I would in the UK. I heard all the horror stories before we moved over, mainly from people who had left SA and would never dream of returning.

The main reason that we aren't staying is that it is too difficult for me to find work. I tried looking in JHB, to be told that the work endorsement would take 8-9 months to get, which no employer is going to keep a job open that long for.

Great that you're coming for a looksee with eyes open. When DH and I move, we always have an exit plan. If one or both hate it, we have a way of leaving without feeling trapped.

tokoloshe2015 Wed 17-Aug-16 09:02:46

I've lived in Cape Town for 10 years now, and love it - only thinking of returning to the UK to be near family. If you look for horror stories you'll find them! But it's possible to live here for years and not have a single problem or scary moment (including working for NGOs based in rough areas).

Try it - your children are a good few years away from having to commit to one education system, so it wouldn't be irreversible.

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