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Sydney's too expensive! Where next?

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JC23 Sun 31-Jul-16 10:24:41

We've been living in Sydney (Northern Beaches) for three years and we love it here! However we have no hope of being able to buy or even rent a house in this area. We really want to have a family home with a garden.
My work is construction related and I need to be near a city. We've considered Newcastle but there don't seem to be many jobs. Now thinking maybe the Gold Coast? Has anyone got any advice? We wouldn't go to Melbourne because of the weather and being near the coast is essential.

Heratnumber7 Sun 31-Jul-16 10:30:57


comebacksun Thu 15-Sep-16 06:17:46

I really wouldn't go to the Gold Coast. So much crime. What about Brisbane? Much more affordable than Sydney. Or the Sunshine Coast?

KP86 Thu 15-Sep-16 06:25:02

Go a little bit further north, like Coffs Harbour, Ballina or Byron Bay.

If you can handle the heat, Cairns or Townsville are other options and heaps of building work up there.

NightCzar Thu 15-Sep-16 06:27:06

What about Belrose or Terrey hills? Or still unattainable? Central coast?
Or going down to the Shire or the South Coast. Then you wouldn't need to leave altogether.

intheBondiBubble Thu 15-Sep-16 06:30:45

Northern beaches is pretty pricey, have you considered the Shire?

intheBondiBubble Thu 15-Sep-16 06:31:24

Haha what Nightczar said

chloeb2002 Wed 09-Nov-16 11:25:27

Depends on your price range and what you want. Northern beaches are very expensive. We love the qld sunny coast. Housing is varied in pricing. But we love it!

ZeroDarkHurty Sat 12-Nov-16 12:08:59

Northern Beaches are super expensive even for Sydney! Yes they're lovely but most people can't afford to live there. There are many less expensive areas in Sydney (although it is of course more expensive than all other Australian cities overall). If you are willing to drive half an hour to get to a beach then there are loads of more affordable areas.

If it's Sydney in general that's too expensive (rather than just the Northern Beaches), I guess the Gold Coast may be a good fit. I personally dislike it there (grew up in Brisbane, which isn't a good fit if beaches are important) but it sounds like it would tick quite a few of your boxes. The Sunshine Coast is nicer imo. Or what about Woollongong...not far from Sydney, so you could still keep some of the connections you've made, and it's a city of sorts.

HearTheThunderRoar Sun 13-Nov-16 08:19:06

I would avoid the Gold Coast at all possible OP..

I second Wollongong if you want to stay on the East Coast.

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