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malborough college Malaysia

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kelso1 Sat 30-Jul-16 18:05:56

Hi folks.
Does anyone have any experience of Malborough college? We are relocating in Jan 17 and considering applying for a place for 7 year old son , with the view to his daily travel to school. Is this realistic?

TerrorAustralis Sun 31-Jul-16 05:44:01

I wouldn't at that age. What year will he be going into? Reception to Year 2 cannot take the bus and they recommend against Years 3 & 4 taking the bus.

Are you willing to drive him? The savings in fees would be cancelled out by the cost of buying a car and driving him every day. I suppose there might be a possibility of setting up a carpool with other Marlborough families.

If you're looking to save money on fees, look at the Invictus School which is opening in August. Dover Court is also one of the cheaper options (not as cheap as Marlborough or Invictus, though).

TerrorAustralis Sun 31-Jul-16 05:44:50

Sorry, I just realised this is based on the assumption you'll be living in Singapore. If you're going to live in JB then ignore my post.

giantcar Sun 31-Jul-16 09:34:33

Hi, we are also looking at relocating to Malaysia and considering Marlborough. Can anyone share their experience please? Thanks

kelso1 Sun 31-Jul-16 16:15:39

Thankyou for the advice, we've applied for Dover court too and on reflection I think Marlborough at this stage seems a bit of a trek. The other school I have applied for is Chatsworth east, any thoughts? Much appreciated.

TerrorAustralis Mon 01-Aug-16 03:42:43

Chatsworth are only staying at their current campus for the next two years, then they're moving to the current site of the German school (GESS) in Bukit Timah.

I have friends with DCs at Chatsworth and they are happy with it. I toured the school a while back, and the classrooms do seem pretty tired. But I have only heard good things about the teaching and experience of the school.

I don't know anyone with children at Dover, but I know a former teacher who said good things about it. In general it seems to get good feedback. There are families who use it as an interim school while waiting for a place at Tanglin, but some end up staying even when offered a place at Tanglin.

Good luck with your decision. Schooling is the obsession of every expat parent in Singapore!

Kuriusoranj Mon 01-Aug-16 04:40:27

Depending on where you're thinking of living, EtonHouse Broadrick is a wonderful school in the East. Small, not amazing wow facilities but a committed staff and a real family feel. We couldn't be happier.

kelso1 Mon 01-Aug-16 11:31:10

Thankyou all for taking the time to reply.

FreddoFrog Sun 14-Aug-16 12:20:54

Hi Kelso. My kids are at Dover Court and very happy there. It's a lovely school. I also have a friend with a daughter at Chatsworth and she's happy there. Most of the international schools here are very good. Good luck with your move.

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