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Student loan repayments rant

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JC23 Fri 29-Jul-16 01:53:40

It's that time of the year again when the SLC want proof of my income so they can calculate how much I need to repay.
It makes me so fucking angry!! I've been repaying £160 a month and it's financially crippling! I'm the main earner in a family of four living in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I have no idea how they come up with their bullshit calculations! £160 is in no way fair or affordable on my salary!
We've just had a baby, I'm on maternity leave and using a credit card for fucking grocery shopping at the moment so that we can pay the rent.

JC23 Fri 29-Jul-16 01:55:59

So so tempted to glitter bomb them with my return form

SalemsLott Fri 29-Jul-16 03:20:01

Or.... return to sender wink

Want2bSupermum Tue 02-Aug-16 01:27:39

If you are on leave your income is zero. If you are getting paid anything it isn't salary because you are not working for it. It is either welfare/benefits or insurance payments.

Call them and tell them you are on leave for the rest of the year so your income is zero. How are they going to check if you are outside of the UK? Inland revenue isn't going to have your details.

Congrats on the baby.

JC23 Fri 05-Aug-16 13:51:04

Thank you smile
I have told them I'm on maternity leave, not earning etc. I wrote to them and sent lots of paperwork to prove it as best as I could. They sent it all back.

Want2bSupermum Tue 09-Aug-16 18:06:26

You pay it right? Just stop payment and let them contact you again. You don't have income. The only thing they need is a letter from your other half saying that they are supporting you (don't get me started on that one!).

Let them come to you and figure it out. I have had such a horrendous experience with these people over the past 15 years they don't deserve your care or concern. You shouldn't be paying while on leave and they should have the decency to acknowledge that rather than return everything to you.

NPowerShitShower Thu 11-Aug-16 19:13:18

Oh yes, the old 'send in a letter from your DH saying he is supporting you' line. Had this many times, despite having a visa that said I couldn't work here in the US (and which they had a copy of). It gave me great pleasure last year to ring them and clear the bloody loan due to a sizable inheritance. Even then, they had trouble. The woman didn't know how to take my payment over the phone and the online system was down (has it ever been up?!). Definitely tell them you're not working, OP.

anyname123 Thu 11-Aug-16 19:19:14

If it gets docked from your salary you've nothing to worry about as you won't be having one. If you papay via a different method send them a registered letter explaining that you're not earning and bugger the payments off til you are earning again. Best of my knowledge they can't do anything to your credit score, so you really don't need to pay

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