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Shipping company or removals company?

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KondoAttitude Thu 28-Jul-16 17:43:29

What kind of company is best to use for an international move (UK to Scandinavia) when you only want to ship a few big crates but aren't taking furniture? We've (probably very stupidly) gone ahead and bought a set of large boxes which we now realise are going to weigh a ton when full of books, rendering them unsuitable for the usual parcels firms like Hermes, DHL, ipostparcels etc most of whom only take boxes of up to 25kg. But when we asked a removals firm for a quote for 10 boxes (no weight or size specified) they quoted us £1200 which seems like an awful lot! Getting increasingly bewildered and desperate as we can't seem to find anything suitable for a "small move" rather than a couple of parcels or a full house removal.

(Most of our lighter belongings like bedding and clothes has already gone over in suitcases, unfortunately, so we can't just pack a mixture of heavier and lighter things and distribute the weight that way.)

Thanks so much for any help.

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