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US immigration lawyer based in UK (Surrey/London)

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RiotAndAlarum Mon 25-Jul-16 13:23:57

I wonder if anyone can recommend a US immigration lawyer in or around Surrey, to help a family member, who was born in the UK and who has got a US green card, but who has come to the UK for a bit.

He isn't certain how long he will be here (health/ family matter), so we don't want him to do anything which will endanger his ability to return... while at the same time not wanting him to remain in legal limbo while he's here!

Thanks very much for any leads or recommendations! smile

P.S. I've looked through the uS Embassy website, but guess they don't like to recommend particular services or service providers!

FanSpamTastic Mon 25-Jul-16 13:32:34

Hi there

I can't recommend anyone but my mum was in similar position a few years ago. She is green card holder but was spending a lot of time here in the UK looking after my elderly grandparents. She had no issues with UK or US. But max time she was here was around 6 months.

In terms of health - even though British born - I don't think she was entitled to NHS care. She paid for travel insurance to cover while she was here - had to make sure her policy covered her for the time she was here. I know at one point she had to call them and extend as she was going over the time they would allow.

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