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Moving belongings from UK to Ireland - best way to do this?

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RingUpRingRingDown Sun 24-Jul-16 13:15:35

Just wondering if anyone has done this. Not a full removals service but maybe a few crates of stuff?

At the risk of totally outing myself, Dh has relocated to Ireland, living in a furnished apartment. I'm trying to work out of here is a cost effective way to send his stuff - clothes, kitchen stuff, books, bikes, bedding etc.

We could do a ferry crossing, driving over with a carful of stuff, but it is quite expensive and there isn't that much room, even with a big car, for everything (especially if the Dcs come too). I'm not confident driving a van (not sure my license even allows it).

Trying to work out if there is a way that makes this feasible, or whether he'd be just as well buying everything again in Ireland. confused

7to25 Tue 26-Jul-16 19:04:16

There used to be small ads in the Irish Post offering this service

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