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Sydney engagement ring shopping

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millymollymomoooo Sat 16-Jul-16 08:21:12

YIPPIE! My other half proposed the other day, I'm over the moon, super happpppy!

But, he used my mothers ring, which is beautiful and so lovely, but it was only a temp until we get back home and I can choose one I like. Where do I start? Are there any websites? I want something vintage/classic. Oh, and we live in Sydney! So any recommendations for places there? Thanks!

ICJump Wed 20-Jul-16 04:20:08

I think the queen Victoria building had jewellers. It's such a beautiful building too.

queenoftheboys Wed 20-Jul-16 05:01:07

Congratulations - we got my antique engagement ring from an antique jewellery place in Woollahra. Can't remember what it was called, don't know if it's still there (this was nearly 20 years ago). Still love my ring though!

chloeb2002 Thu 21-Jul-16 16:29:05

My engagement ring is a non traditional opal ring. I love itsmile

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