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International removers - any recommendations?

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sayatidaknama Thu 07-Jul-16 11:04:20

Moving from France to UK (London). Anyone got any recommendations?

lulalullabye Thu 07-Jul-16 12:21:07

Watching with interest, moving from Australia to the UK.

CherryLip Thu 07-Jul-16 16:33:32

We used Murray Harper to move us to Spain and move again whilst in Spain. Although based in southern Spain I have an idea they do France too.
Sorry lula sadly not Australia.

tb Mon 25-Jul-16 21:05:56

Sterling? They also do the shopping runs from the UK to France, but they are originally removers.

They have good references, but then so did the ones that moved us. Thankfully for everyone looking to move, they went bust - with our Merino wool blankets.

snowman1 Mon 25-Jul-16 21:10:18

Doree Bonner were great for UK to Canada customs was straightforward, amazing packing and staff and nothing broken,meticulous and fast.

Scotinoz Wed 27-Jul-16 08:10:42

Crown are very good. I've used them for a couple of long distance moves.

Not the cheapest (but probably quite average) but very reliable, great office support staff, guys who pack/unpack are good, stuff gets assembled/handed to you to put in cupboards/etc etc.

We've had a couple of hassle free moves with them and would happily recommend.

smellsofelderberries Fri 29-Jul-16 22:41:07

Not Pickfords! We have just had issues with them. DH's work were paying for 8 cubic m, surveyor from Pickfords said our things would all fit. Packers came and said the same- the boxes and small furniture items would be about the 8 cubic m. Just had an email through saying we are at 11.5 cubic m and can we confirm we're happy with paying the excess $2000AUD to proceed, or we can tell them which boxes we want back and they will charge us $350 to deliver our boxes back to us shock we are in dispute to have them cover 50% or the excess shipping cost since they managed to cock up to royally with the original quotes.

PlaydoughGirl Fri 29-Jul-16 23:22:01

OSS are fantastic!!! We used them to move from Australia to London a few years ago.

On the reverse trip, we used John Mason as they were a lot cheaper and I would not recommend. They didn't take any care with packing things, e.g. put my sewing machine/overlocker and a few other kitchen appliances loose into a giant box, not individually wrapped, and my overlocker was pushing the box outwards, so it didn't even fit well. I'd also thrown a lot of things loosely in temporary cardboard boxes as I was packing up the house, deciding what we were taking and what we weren't (and we were selling most of the furniture that things were stored in). These were fruit/vege type boxes, with no lids or top covering. I asked the packers very clearly to pack all items properly, as I hadn't packed anything carefully, just put things in boxes I wanted keeping, and told them not to assume any items in boxes had been packed. When we unpacked, they'd simply picked up my boxes and placed them inside of other boxes, not wrapping any delicate items or preventing things like photos being damaged. Then when our boxes were delivered here to our house, they practically threw them down on the ground, including the ones marked fragile (with our unwrapped glass christmas decoration sob).

OSS, on the other hand, bubble wrapped everything they could lay hands on. And really polite packers/unpackers at both ends.

echt Sat 30-Jul-16 05:32:55

We used Anglo Pacific for our move from the UK to Au.

Very good, though no standards lamps survived.

LastAnni Sat 30-Jul-16 05:55:26

Used Britannia Lanes to move from
UK to USA. They sent a guy to quote who wandered round the house, stuck his nose into all our cupboards and wardrobes, asked a few questions about what we were taking and estimated we'd need 40 cartons. And that's exactly how many we ended up shipping! The packers were excellent. I think we only lost one wineglass in all those 40 cartons.

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