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Melody1711 Thu 30-Jun-16 09:40:29

Hello we have been in Brussels for a few months, living in wsp and we have a place for our son for september (at 2 years 9 months) at college jean23 maternelle. Any experience/info about this school?, its the nearest one, the other closer schools were institute providence, joli bois and Ar crommelynck. I keep questioning myself whether its a good choice for maternelle, thanks for any help/info!

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lifeisunjust Mon 11-Jul-16 14:15:15

2 Jean23 maternelles. Do you live near the one you've been offered a place at? They are both fine, the Parmentier one will be rebuilt in a year. Very affluent area. Nothing to worry about. If your nearest is one of the Jean23 then take the place, you'd be very silly to travel further for no better.

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