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Secondary schools in a dubai

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Helpmegod Sun 26-Jun-16 11:31:28

Hello all
We have just found out we are moving to Dubai . I have a dd who'd be starting year 8 in sept and I am looking for a good school for her with Igcse curriculum
Kings albarsha has a place for her but I am not sure how it is since it is only couple of years old . She attends a decent independent school here .
Pls , pls give your advice and opinion on any secondary schools since this might mean that if I don't find a proper place we might decline the offer or postpone .

Plastictree Sun 26-Jun-16 11:33:27

Try Dubai English Speaking College and Dubai college. Go to KHDA which will rate the schools for ease of decision making.

Plastictree Sun 26-Jun-16 11:34:07

KHDA website even!

Thefitfatty Sun 26-Jun-16 11:40:08

King's Al Barsha is new, but King's Dubai (its sister school) has been ranked one of the top in the city for years now. It will most likely be held to the same standards, and I doubt you'd find many better schools.

PocketRocket1 Sun 26-Jun-16 13:55:41

I know of several parents who have taken their kids out of kings al barsha due to lack of avademic performance. Try Nord Anglia, JESS Ranches, Dubai College and Jumeirah College. But not any of the other GEMS schools. Lots if bullying issues at DESC and is a ten form year group.

Tweennightmare Sun 26-Jun-16 14:02:50

Agree with pocket rocket but also where will your husband be working and where will you based has to be taken into account as traffic is a nightmare in Dubai do not under estimate how long journeys can take in rush hour!. Also schools close next week so try and do as much as you can this week if possible although most schools will have a skeleton staff through the summer . For the record my Ds went to Jumeirah college and my DD is at Nord Anglia and I was/am pleased with both of them

Desertdweller1 Wed 17-May-17 11:59:05

PocketRocket, I just wondered where you'd heard about bullying at DESC? Is it from personal experience?
I've never heard that before, yet our DD has actually experienced bulkying at DESC herself, as have some of her friends.
If it truly does have a particularly bad reputation for bullying then we should get her out of there.

Isthiscorrect Wed 17-May-17 14:29:43

I know this is a zombie thread but a friend of ours, his son was stabbed at DESC a few years ago.
However they are working very hard and have a new 6th form centre which will be separate from the lower school.

Desertdweller1 Wed 17-May-17 16:14:44

shock they keep that quiet, not surprisingly! I'd not heard that but DD says she knows.
Personally I hadn't heard of rough behaviour like fights etc, just quite a bit of nastiness (verbal).

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