Looking for advice on good schools in Brussels WSP/Auderghem

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CityNomads Thu 23-Jun-16 10:19:30

Hello, we are a German/ Belgium family. We live in Germany at the moment and will move to Brussels this summer. I am looking for a good maternelle/ primary school for my daughter (2 1/2 y.) and my son (6y.) They are both German/French speaking. We will live in Chant d'Oiseau and have got offered a place by École Communale de Stockel (30 minutes by car/ public transport from our future home) as well as by Institut-Saint-Julien-Parnasse in Auderghem (10-15 minutes walking distance from home). I visited both schools and have difficulties to decide which one to take. Stockel seems to offer more extra-school-activities which would be great for my son. The playground for my daughter is also much nicer in Stockel than in St. Julien. But the school way is so much longer ... I don't know much about the quality of both schools and I would be happy about any advice.

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lifeisunjust Thu 23-Jun-16 19:54:39

Whilst stockel is great it s very far. You will for sure get places at the 4 chant d oiseau schools. Just keep trying.

lifeisunjust Thu 23-Jun-16 20:16:14

Dont judge any belgian school on playgrounds.

Also most after school activities happen outside school. Which activities are you looking at?

CityNomads Thu 23-Jun-16 23:37:32

Thank you for your quick reply.
We have already tried the 4 schools in Chant d'Oiseau, but their primary schools are full.

I am looking for sport activities for my son and was impressed by the range of activities Stockel offers (judo, basketball, multi-sport, etc.). All those activities take place on the premisses of the school, if I got it right.
Institut Saint Julien couldn't tell much about after school activities; there are plenty of activities organized by external associations but then you have to drive your child around.

Concerning the playground; my kids have played quite often outside at our present maternelle in Germany; regardless of the wether conditions. I really liked this and was looking for a maternelle which has at least a small "green" spot.

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lifeisunjust Fri 24-Jun-16 07:42:15

I would check with st julien over activities. In fact I d say stockel offer less than average in extra curricular in the area.

There is free music theatre and dance at chant d oiseau communale and next door judo and art. Nd des graces and paradis des entrants 5 minutes away.

Proximity to primaire currently counts for secondaire entry it might change but consideration.

You should email and phone 3 primaires twice a week until mid july and then again from mid august. You should get places that way

Only maternelle have grass at stockel.

CityNomads Sun 26-Jun-16 23:37:53

Thank you very much. I will try again Ecole communale du Chant d'oiseau. Paradis des enfants might be a little to big for me.

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CityNomads Fri 01-Jul-16 13:01:05

Hello again, I was lucky and got offered a place in Ecole communale de Chant d'Oiseau today. It is probably a little bit late to visit the school because of the end of the term. But I suppose I cannot do anything wrong if I enroll my children there, don't you think?

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lifeisunjust Sat 02-Jul-16 19:41:02

There should be the head there a few more days perhaps, if not you'll have to wait till mid August. Teachers are responsible for their own classrooms so most leave it till mid to late August to spend a week or so re-arranging the classrooms for the new year. The head is nearly always in those weeks. Much better than commuting to Stockel when you can walk to school. Same governing body, ie the commune council. Very wealthy area so parents will be motivated. Right next to community centre, arts centre, playground. Hard to find fault really.

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