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Would you move to Auckland?

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Singaporeslings Mon 20-Jun-16 21:40:34

So DH has been offered a job in Auckland but this isn't somewhere either of us have been before or were planning to go to.
We're both from UK but been living in Singapore for 5years now. We love our life here & it's great for the kids (7 & 3) and we'd probably choose to stay a few more years here. We both feel a bit iffy about returning to UK although the parents there are getting older.
So please tell me about Auckland. What's it like? What are ups/downs? What should we absolutely know before making a decision?

Frikonastick Tue 21-Jun-16 09:53:08

I think you should try to come over for a visit and have a look around first. Although, we moved to NZ without having come over first grin it's really not advisable.

We don't live in Auckland, but we would have been quite happy to live there. It's a lovely city. Expensive, but lovely.

Would you be looking at it as a permanent move? Or a couple of years?

tilder Tue 21-Jun-16 09:55:10

Love it.

Would like a shot. Apart from my parents. It would be a long way for them. Not such an issue for you though?

Fomalhaut Wed 22-Jun-16 21:27:17

Yup. NZ is amazing

louise987 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:29:55

Yes, in a heartbeat. NZ has a great way of life and Auckland seems to be a great place.

BUT before moving I would highly recommend going on a holiday there to explore. Expensive I know but worth the cost if it avoids an expensive and stressful time if it's not the type of place for you and your family

Homebird8 Wed 22-Jun-16 21:46:32

We live in Auckland. Been here from the UK for the last five years. We are happy although we never intended to settle here. We thought we'd head for Wellington area but Auckland was where I got the job.

Pros and cons.

It's a friendly city about the size of Liverpool which although it isn't the capital city is the biggest in NZ.

The biggest issue with Auckland is housing. It is expensive and prices are still rising at a phenomenal rate. Many think the market bubble will burst and I have to say I am among them. We are currently living in rental accomodation and haven't found it an issue as we are able to afford it. There is a rising homelessness crisis driven by under supply of new housing, swelling numbers of people, overseas investors, the rising house prices and the subsequent rising rental prices.

Having said that there are lots of lovely places to live and plenty of access to the outdoor even in the city. Loads of parks and the seas is never more than a few minutes away.

Schools are ok. Lots less rigid than the UK (don't know about Singapore) but a bit backward in terms of concentration on outdated and very expensive uniform and some operating more like my DF describes his UK grammar school in the 1950s. There are lots more opportunities for individualisation of education and trips out of school. It's also possible to take your kids out of school in term time for sensible reasons. Having said that my bright 13 year old is only now doing maths and science work he hadn't done by year 3 in the UK.

I don't subscribe to the NZ is in the 1950s thing. In many ways it is ahead. Banking systems are efficient and up to date. Tax is simple enough for real people to understand. People are open and inclusive and social. There are lots of people who started life overseas here in Auckland so plenty of people happy to get to know a newcomer. We've found it easy to make friends.

Happy to answer questions. PM me if you like.

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