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Bilingual Montessori St Cloud Paris

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Macaroons Sat 18-Jun-16 11:00:37

DH got a job offer and we may be moving to Paris later this year (probably October)! Given it's mid June now, we are quite late in looking for a school place for DS who will be 4 years old then. He doesn't know much French, apart from bonjour, merci, and counting up to 5... DH and I don't speak French too but are starting to learn some basics.

We are looking at bilingual school and found one at St Cloud and they do have a space for him in September, but I can't find much review of the school. Anyone has experience of this school, or know people who went to this school? Many thanks in advance.

There are more options in area 15 but haven't really looked into those. We are probably too late for popular ones like EABJM which seems to have a very good reputation here.

BoboChic Thu 23-Jun-16 14:42:19

You can try EJM (formerly EABJM) and EIB Monceau (formerly EAB) late in the day if you are coming from overseas. There is also Le Petit Cours du Rocher in the 8th which is popular with Anglophone parents. It feeds into EIB Monceau for primary.

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