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Where to live in Toronto?

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3Clevercloggs Sat 11-Jun-16 21:11:04

Hi there. We are likely to be moving to Toronto in the near future. We currently live in a rural UK location with 3 kids 7,7,10 and a Golden Retriever!
I have never been there and my husband has only visited on work trips so far.
I need advise on where to live to get:
good schools (priority)
space - think cycling, dog walking, forests??
4 bed house with decent garden
under 1 hour commute to CBD

Any advice on suburbs/schools/streets very much appreciated

RosaHibiscus Sun 12-Jun-16 09:54:43

Sorry, no advice. But I love Toronto. I think public schools are generally good. Good luck with everything!

snowman1 Fri 17-Jun-16 21:53:03

hi I am in Toronto - did you want to stay rural or did you want somewhere in the city? There are lovely areas like Dundas, which are semi-rural, and what sort of budget do you have? Oakville has excellent schools, some of the best in Canada. Would you look at public or private?

westcoast Fri 17-Jun-16 22:59:01

What does your budget look like?

I lived in Ontario for 6 years, two years in Niagara on the Lake and four years in Oakville. I would 100% second the suggestion of Oakville, possibly Burlington too but it might a bit too far.

I recently read a survey that said Oakville/Burlington were the top place in Ontario to raise children. Great bike paths along Lake Ontario, parks, golf courses, our kids took a summer sailing camp on the lake in Oakville.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Bronte Creek's Annual Maple Syrup Festival!

calamityjam Fri 17-Jun-16 23:01:47

I spent a month in Toronto in Barrie and Burlington. I loved it there and if I could, I would move my family there tomorrow. Can I please be your friend and come to visit you?

3Clevercloggs Sat 18-Jun-16 08:57:22

Hi again - thanks for the posts so glad to hear you suggest Oakville as after doing some more research it seems very much what we are looking for. Have not investigated Dundas/Barrie/Burlington but will do.

As I said, good (public) schools are essential and I need space to walk our Golden retriever and not feel like I am in a big city - as it's a bit of a scary prospect! Our budget to buy would be around the $1-1.2 million mark for a detached home and garden. Space, parks, cycle paths, trees, good cafes and local shops up to an hour from downtown or ideally 40 mins.
Oh - and excellent sports facilities of course!!....we want it all!
Visitors most welcome if we make it there Calamityjam!
snowman1 - can you advise on any of the schools in Oakville?

Any more advise on areas really appreciated smile

calamityjam Sat 18-Jun-16 18:37:00

Oh I also forgot to add North bay. My cousins had a summer house up there. Lovely lake Nippising has some great watersports, I had a go at windsurfing and broke my ribs speedboating! and some areas are quite remote but easy to get to.

snowman1 Mon 20-Jun-16 20:50:19

Hi, the region offer school in the year your child turns 4, then french immersion is offered (optional) from grade one (year 2 in the UK). The age your children are they will probably may have missed the boat on this one, but they do french from Grade 4 although some schools offer from Grade 1. This is due to change next year though, see
From a Canadian perspective the schools are universally good in Oakville, downtown toronto is a bit more patchy with their results (as you would expect with a high density city) as is Mississauga. Canadians do not have the British obsession with school stats and the like at all. They buy a house because they like it! They don't pay in any way the attention that the UK does. You might find this link useful, she also covers Mississauga. Is your (or partner's) Commute by train? If not you could consider Milton. Garden size definitely becomes smaller in the newer subdivisions, you could get a nice 4/5 bed with a basement, garden, pool if you want it, for about your budget, but it probably won't stretch to the best bit of Oakville, where house prices get a bit silly. One thing to mention as well, is that there are not many parts which are walkable which is good sometimes as it is usually too hot or too cold! (humidity takes up to 40 today). Do PM me, I can probably advise about specific areas and schools. We used a very experienced older lady to help us find something suitable she was great. Realtors do a great deal more here than the occasional viewing. My friends take their dogs to Bronte Creek most days to walk it! It has an incredible pool too for your kids ages.

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