Anyone in Bahrain?

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jellycat1 Tue 31-May-16 22:06:22

Hi everyone. It's looking very likely we will be moving from London to Bahrain early next year. We have family there which is a head start, but I'd really appreciate some advice on a few things from other mums if there's anyone out there. I'll wait to see if I get any replies before listing questions / concerns!Thanks all. smile

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InTheSandPit Wed 01-Jun-16 06:01:53

Hello again.
I'm over the bridge. Shout if there is anything I might be able to help with.

SoYouBetterRun Wed 01-Jun-16 17:23:07

Hi jellycat. I was on that resurrected zombie thread.. I am in Abu Dhabi right now but was in Bahrain for 3 years. I loved it. I also love Abu Dhabi for roughly the same reasons - there's a real sense of community and great for families. I have to say I HATE Dubai, despite going there for work 2x a week (or maybe because of that..). St. Chris is the best English curriculum school. Jasra and Hamala good places to live. My bff has just moved to AD from Bahrain so let me know if you want any introductions to folks over there. How old are your DCs?

jellycat1 Sat 04-Jun-16 14:37:32

Thanks ladies. We have family there but I need some advice on hiring nannies and they're not really sure where to start. Any advice much appreciated. 2 boys under 3. Thanks smile

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Boysdontcry Wed 08-Jun-16 17:03:06

Hi, I am in the UK right now. Spent 20 odd years in Bahrain. We are returning next month. Agree with St Chris advice. I have just got my 3 children back in, but they were on the wait list for a year, so I would contact them now.
As far as maids, I found the recommendation of friends was the best way, so I would get your family to start asking around for you. The end of terms are a good time to start looking as that is when people leave. Always ask for references . I always if possible had them work for me for a month before going down the route of them moving in and sponsoring .

Vagabond Thu 09-Jun-16 16:45:36

Go on - you'll get the best local advice there.
My DD attended St Christophers. Good school. Can you company help you get a place? I would push for that if you can. Our sponsor got us a place at St Christopher's. They can do it if they have influence. I think it's important.
As for nannies, I don't know of anything like that. Maids, yes. Again, go on As you have family there, ask them to get their maids to recommend.
Good luck with the move.

jellycat1 Thu 09-Jun-16 17:29:31

Thanks all. DSs are both under school age and are British so we believe we should get in to the nursery at St Chris ok. We are planning to do British Prep til them. Anyone got any experience there please? My hubby actually went to St Christopher's too so we're hoping for a bit of alumnus influence! Good advice re expatmums - thanks. I find the local mumsinbahrain site a bit useless for what I need. We really need a good nanny so I'll start asking around. Any advice on which shipping companies to use please? Thanks!

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InTheSandPit Fri 10-Jun-16 13:11:17

Sorry, just got back to this.
The only I know with a Nanny in KSA got them through word of mouth. A family was leaving, so the nanny either needed to leave it transfer her sponsorship. He grabbed her straight away, and paid for 3 months till his family arrived. Think the fact that she was Aussie had a lot to do with it.
Antidotal evidence suggests most nannies are Philippina, and so I assume they can be recruited through similar routes to maids. Bahrain us probably much more attractive to recruiter to, so it should be easier - and I imagine visas are simpler too, making things easy.

Pickford's international did an ace job from UK to KSA for us. Don't know who they were, but someone chose a cheeper quote in London, and regretted it. Our stuff left a month later, and arrived 2 months earlier than theirs. It took 5 months to ship shock

Boysdontcry Sun 12-Jun-16 19:21:18

Just to add,Early Learners was a popular pre school for those living around the Saar area when I left a year ago. Two of mine went to Little Gems,which I found to be very good,but I think the management has changed. Little Gems was always seen as being a bit more'regimented' but always to me seemed more organised,where as Early Learners more laid back. I must admit amongst my friends that had children at St Chris any younger siblings tended to go to one of those two.

Boysdontcry Sun 12-Jun-16 19:25:46

Also, most maids in Bahrain seem to be Indian, Sri Lankan or Phillippina. Our lovely maid was Sri Lankan and will be joining us again. The Phillippinas are very good but tend to have a higher salary.

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