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BellsaRinging Sun 29-May-16 17:29:37


I am hoping that someone among the Mumsnet massive lives/has lived in Guernsey and can give me information on the pros and cons. I am just about to accept a job there and any information (particularly on the property market and education system) would be fantastic. I am really interested in knowing about good areas to live/school with 2 children aged 11 (just about to start year 7) and 5-will be working in town but after a 3 hour+ commute a day in the UK wouldn't rule out anywhere on the island solely on the grounds of distance.

Big thanks to anyone who has the time to reply.


greenapples Fri 10-Jun-16 14:14:40

I've been in Guernsey for the last 8 years, so can hopefully shed some light! Property wise - depends if you are local market or open market. Are you coming on a licence, if so what is your TRP? (Size of house) local market (on licence) is cheaper than open market but still an arm and a leg more than England...
School wise, children tend to go to their local primary / secondary catchment, if not there are 3 private schools on the island (fees for which are cheaper than the UK equivalent).
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