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Denmark experts for holiday advice please..

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twinkletoes56 Mon 23-May-16 19:20:28

We're off to Denmark (and Sweden) for a total of 3 weeks this August and have some planning to do!!
We're thinking of having 2 weeks in Denmark (crossing the bridge for 1 week in Sweden in the middle. Currently I was thinking a week in North Zealand (Apparently 'The Danish Riviera', castles etc) and then a second week near Arhaus ish for Legoland, 'the Danish Lake District'. Has anyone got any experience of these areas, suitable alternative recommendations etc. Many thanks.

goodiegoodieyumyum Thu 26-May-16 20:47:15

Hi Twinkletoes, definitely North Zeeland, is worth a week, Roskilde where there is a viking museum plus the Catherdral where many of the Kings and Quen of Denmark are burie. A trip to Hundested, it has a lovely old village called Kikhaven all thatched cottages really lovely, Hundested has awards for the best harbour in Denmark. Then there is Helsingor which has the Kronberg castle which was the inspiration for Hamlet and Helsingor is a lovely town, Fredriksborg castle in Hillerod is very nice, Also worth a visit is Esrum (we went to an old monastery there) which is near Fredensborg castle.

Arhaus is nice, there is a lovely open air museum there. Leogoland is fab my daughter has been at least three times, absolutely loves it. Hjarvak is a lovely place full of summer houses and on a Fjord. Jasperhus Blomsterpark is interesting and fun for kids. Aalborg is supposed to be nice, it is my list of place to visit.

I hope this helps

lexloofah Mon 30-May-16 22:36:48

Sort OP can I jump in and ask what time of year is best to visit the places mentioned, within UK school holidays both for balance of weather and crowds as we are thinking similar trip but maybe a week Oct half term or next year sometime thnx

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