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Move timing / DD starting school

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Shopper99 Mon 23-May-16 08:21:37

My eldest is due to start school in September. She's ridiculously excited about it, knows people there already, lots of her little pals will be going.

I have the possibility of a job offer abroad. Their school year starts end of August. I think we're looking at state schools and it would be a new language (for DH and the DDs anyway, I'm rusty).

I've got a 3 month notice period but could poss negotiate 2 months.

Ideally if it all came off and I could get out of my current role sooner, we'd get there in August and DD could start at the beginning of term with everyone else. But given how tight that is, I'm not sure it could happen that quickly.

So what should we do? Say we could move beginning of October, would we put DD1 in school here for 3/4 weeks then move her? Or do we keep her out of school and just start in the new country when we get there? Would it better to wait until christmas (though the employer wants someone ASAP) and see do one complete term? Or would that be worse as she would've just got into it and likewise kids in the new place will have already settled.

Argh! Need to talk to the employer today so quick decisions needed all round!

KimmySchmidtsSmile Mon 23-May-16 08:27:33

Personally I would keep her out of school for a month. Are you in the UK now? If so the first fortnight is usually phased/part time in any case. I would "home school" if there is any issue from the LEA but actually if you have them put her with gp for a month for a pre emigration holiday/quality time while you get packed up.

sayatidaknama Mon 23-May-16 08:31:51

I'd highly recommend starting at the beginning of the school year if possible. It will be very difficult for a while esp if she (and you) don't speak the language. Plus there's the whole dealing with how things work in a different country in a foreign language. Add to that being the new kid turning up half way through the term/year. Not easy. Depends where you are going though of course ... some places used to high turnovers but not so much in state schools.

Shopper99 Mon 23-May-16 08:32:56

Yes it's part-time for the first week and full time from the second week. I just think it'll be heartbreaking and confusing when she knows her little pals will be going and she won't sad

GPs live round the corner so packing the DDs off wouldn't be much of a distraction....

Shopper99 Mon 23-May-16 08:35:14

I agree, the beginning of term would be much better.

I guess we can do house hunting and school hunting trips before we moved so that side of things could be sorted already. If we could turn up a week before school starts and have everything in place that would be marvellous but I fear I could be dreaming.

InTheSandPit Mon 23-May-16 08:46:21

Where are you going??? If it is to a place, or even a school, that has a large expat component, don't stress about starting at the start of the school year.
We had this issue last year. DH already in the middle East, DS1 already at school, and DS2 about to start. We were waiting for visas.
Decided to send them both, but warned head and staff that we were planning on pull ing them out as soon as visas came through.
Think they did 3 weeks at school (which were a godsend for packing, charity shop drop offs, letting agents, selling cars etc without 2 "helpers") before we moved. Managed 6 weeks in an "international" school of dubious quality before securing good school places. They have both managed fine.
Good luck in your new adventure.

Shopper99 Mon 23-May-16 11:42:59

It's in the French speaking part of Switzerland. Terms finishes 2nd July and we've got a fortnights holiday between now and then so it's really really tight to get things sorted before the school year begins 3rd week of August confused

International schools won't be provided and we'd be keen to integrate in the local community and have the DDs learn French so state schools are fine for us. Can see me needing to do lots of house-hunting trips between now and Aug if I even get the job

Feels right though despite being a panic/rush.

InTheSandPit Mon 23-May-16 13:35:43

What age does school start in Switzerland? You may find it isn't as early as UK, so not everyone will be starting at "Big School" in August and will be going back to a kindy setting they already know?????

I wouldn't worry about the school, and focus on getting a job, house etc!!!! Then look at the timings when you've handed in your notice and got a start date for the new job.

We've not had as much of a language barrier, as we are in international, British schools. Hope my ramblings are useful. Tell me to shut up if it's getting you more stressed!!!

sayatidaknama Mon 23-May-16 15:22:37

If it's in French Switzerland it will be like France and she will be in Maternelle until 6 when she joins CP in Primaire. So it won't really matter what time of year she starts and it will just be a gentle introduction to the rigours grin of French schooling and she will be able to pick up the language before starting school proper. So yes, you can concentrate on finding somewhere to live and settling in. Good luck.

Shopper99 Mon 23-May-16 20:11:22

She would be due to start this year - 22 August or something!

lifeisunjust Mon 23-May-16 22:24:31

Non obligatory ecole enfantine aged 4 in Switzerland. Be aware of large break in school day.

Shopper99 Tue 24-May-16 19:21:51

DH will be a SAHD so I think we'll be ok for the hours. Swiss schooling does not seem conducive for both parents working.

Shopper99 Sat 02-Jul-16 08:26:56

Argh. This is still on the cards but August looking impossible..... I think October half term is more likely.

I think DD1 would have to start school here and just do that first half term. Is that disastrous??

Anyone else moved at the start of reception?

I'm less worried about the Swiss side of things because the first couple of years there are very much like preschool here so think she'd just start and crack on.

CodyKing Sat 02-Jul-16 08:31:31

I had twins move in the October half term - kids just play in reception they slotted in as they knew about assemblies registration dinners etc and the kids were great

Shopper99 Sat 02-Jul-16 08:37:49

Ok that's calming my palpitations. It's still far from a done deal but the timing is stressing me out.

I don't think I could not start her in Sept. She's expecting it and would see all her pals start too.

Christmas might be an option but I think they would want me out there before then.

CodyKing Sat 02-Jul-16 08:48:37

You know nods have no node anon term dates holidays etc - they just go to school. They don't know the other kids have been there for a few weeks they just see it in terms on them starting at school. Their first day. You are over thinking it.

SweetieBumMum Sat 02-Jul-16 15:38:09

I'd say let her start and look at Christmas. If DH is going to be a SAHD then he can stay and look after her, take care of finishing off while you start up your new life.
You'll have a week at half term for her to visit you and get to know the area and you can fly home at weekends if needed.
It'll take the pressure off.
My DH had been offered a job in Singapore and there's no way we can be organised by the start of their school year in August.
I have four children, one will be starting reception the other first year high school. I'm more worried about the high schooler.
I'll be starting them and then probably leaving at Christmas (if they get to the right package).
At 4, children's concepts of time are just not like ours. She'll be doing what's she's expecting to do and then looking forward to the land of chocolate after Christmas!smile

JoandMax Sat 02-Jul-16 15:44:56

DS1 started a new school in a new country halfway through reception, I had so many sleepless nights wondering how he would cope, were we doing the right thing...... Honestly from the first week it was like he'd always been there, everything was so new and exciting he forgot all about his old friends in the UK!! Children adapt so quickly it's amazing

Shopper99 Sat 02-Jul-16 21:07:38

Thank you, pleased to hear your children settled quickly!

She's so ready for school and is looking forward to it, I just feel guilty I guess. And a bit worried that changing and being the new girl again so soon, and in a new home/country/language might destroy her self-confidence when she's been thriving so much.

I suppose a lot will be in how we handle the whole thing.

Interview out there soon will tell us a bit more about whether it's for us and we can go from there....

Big fat eeeeeeek! So much responsibility having to think of our little people and making decisions for their lives too. I know I'd tell a friend to "go for it" so just need to think of it that way...........

mrsmortis Mon 04-Jul-16 11:50:32

Just to say we pushed a move in order to get here in time for DD to start the school year in the new country.

We moved 3 days before term started and were in a hotel for the first 2 weeks of school.

I think it was the right decision. It meant that DD1 wasn't the only new child trying to find friends etc (she was going into the 2. Klasse in Germany but there were 2 other new children in her class).

Shopper99 Mon 04-Jul-16 15:51:31

I'm waiting to hear when the final interview might be (before the end of July) but have 3mth notice period. This may be negotiable but schools start 22 Aug so think it'd be nigh on impossible to get there for then and I'm not sure my current employer would be amicable enough to give me 3 weeks notice instead!!

Shopper99 Thu 15-Sep-16 11:13:00

So.... Thought I'd come back and update this thread...

Things took a bit longer than anticipated, but I got offered the job last week and have today accepted it! It all feels a bit wrong doing this during DD1's first week of reception in some way - like I'm being really selfish thinking about something else when she's got this big new change going on and like it's not important enough to just focus on that... But I guess I couldn't control the timing.

We'll probably go late December or early January so DD1 can complete a whole term and I can do my 3 months' notice.

To be honest, I'm shitting it. How is it possible to feel selfish / excited / daunted / petrified / nervous and happy all in one?

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