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Shipping costs from mainland Europe to the UK

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wastingyourgum Thu 05-May-16 12:58:51

Reposted from Chat.

I live in Europe (4 hours drive from Calais) with husband and DS. Moved out here last year for DH’s work. Due to some recent shittiness we have to move back to the UK very quickly; we’re bearing the shipping costs ourselves.

Today is the first day of researching that and I'm feeling a really overwhelmed.

Has anyone shipped furniture (we don’t want to sell everything) from mainland Europe back to the UK? I’d be really grateful for some idea of prices -- it’s a two bedroom flat and although a lot will be sold we’re hoping to keep the basics like our beds, mattresses, dining table and sofa, etc so we’re not starting entirely from scratch when we get home.

Would it be cheaper to hire a big van and take it on the ferry ourselves (not sure if this is even possible!) than going through a shipping company? What are the best companies?

Any pointers very much appreciated flowers

lifeisunjust Thu 05-May-16 17:48:04

It will surely be cheaper for self drive, as you have no-one's time to pay for.

It will be most logical to rent from near where you will live in the UK.

You need to estimate cubic metres of your belongings and then find an appropriate van on a 24 to 48 hour rental.

Then you check DFDS, P and O and Eurotunnel for crossing prices both ways, for a private van of certain tonnage.

CommonBurdock Mon 30-May-16 20:22:20

I've used one of thr various van and man sites before, it was UK to Italy for half the contents of a 3bed house, quite a lot of stuff. 1000 euros. Can't say I was overly impressed with the service but the stuff all got there safely. Do a bit of googling and perhaps don't go for the cheapest one. Oh and make sure the driver speaks English. Mine didn't speak a word of English, literally not even hello.

homeaway Wed 01-Jun-16 15:28:51

Did you find someone if not pm me and i can recommend anyvan. I have someone i use on a regukar basis, it is a company but they dont pack.

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