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Emigrating overseas with young children in tow...

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Heatherbell1978 Wed 04-May-16 17:32:54

Talk to me about how easy/hard this was for you.

DH and I are going through process of PR for Australia with plan to move mid 2018. We can't move before then because DH is due some money from shares which we need to take with us. We have DS1 who is 20 months and TTC #2 so we may have 2 small kids. It's looking like we'll need to travel to Oz to activate the visa before we can move too so we need to factor in a holiday there next year with maybe 2 (one very young).

We're just back from Oz with toddler for a scoping trip which was manageable with one but I find the thought of doing all this with two so overwhelming! We'd be emigrating with no jobs, no house...but we do have friends there. Financially we should be ok but would need to find work reasonably quickly. We'd both be working full time and have no family there.

I'm 38 so can't really wait until we're settled there before #2 (if I was younger I would).

Just looking for some advice/chat on how it worked for you especially if your situation was similar smile

ButtonsAndBows Wed 04-May-16 17:36:50

I don't have experience myself but I know of a lot of people who have gone literally with a few suitcases and made it work. The fact you have friends there is a real plus point. There isn't much point overthinking the travel -!just write those 24 odd hours off. Good luck - it's something I've been thinking of but prices there put me off (or canada)

MamaDuckling Thu 05-May-16 19:33:14

We've recently relocated with two young children (2.5yr old and s newborn). The hardest part has been missing the support network of home, and the toddler adjusting to lots of new things (not least his new sibling)!

We are three months in now and starting to settle. It takes time. Adjusting to a hot climate is hard. Figuring out the basic stuff (supermarkets, healthcare) all takes time... But we are enjoying it and it's been good for us as a family.

DiggersRest Thu 05-May-16 19:41:00

Don't underestimate loosing a support network if you have one here. We came to the UK just dh and l and have had 2 dc here and it's bloody hard. And when my neighbours family visits for example l get a pang of jealousy for my family.

Where are you moving to and what area are your jobs in?

DiggersRest Thu 05-May-16 19:46:09

Losing ffs blush

Heatherbell1978 Thu 05-May-16 22:15:36

DiggersRest yes we are conscious about the cons of emigrating which is why we're probably not 100% convinced but we've decided to look at it as a 2 year move. We'll rent our house out here and make a decision at the end of the 2 years on whether to stay or come home. We'll never know if we never try...

Our support network here is basically my mum who does a lot for my DS although she's a bit of a traveller herself and would come out and visit us every year and stay a few months. Not quite the same I know. We do have a lot of friends here too so yes, we'd leave a lot behind.

Moving to Perth - we'll try and get jobs before we go but we're willing to arrive without them. DH is a business analyst and I'm a project manager (but also have banking experience).

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