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Moving with Pets

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FernArable Sun 01-May-16 08:00:59

We're moving to the USA in July and are taking our wonderful dog with us. Does anyone have any recommendations for pet transportation companies? I've found a few through google but I'm struggling to find reviews for them and frankly have no idea what I'm doing.

Also if you wouldn't mind giving g rough idea of cost and what size of pet you shipped it would be appreciated!

ohtobeanonymous Mon 02-May-16 15:32:37

We shipped a 10kg dog last year (not to USA) and used James Cargo. would not recommend - either they or the airline made a big mix up and he was delivered to the Cargo section of the airport and not the oversized baggage. Noone in the airport knew where he'd been taken and we had to catch a taxi to the cargo section which was apparently 'closed'. After he spent nearly 20 hours in a crate having run out of food and water, we finally had him released to us. Cost including vaccinations, etc... was around GBP1800. His air ticket cost more than ours did.

Go with a pet transport specialist company and don't fly Eva Air.

greatoceanroad Mon 02-May-16 16:10:53

We moved from the UK to the US two years ago and used, I would highly recommend them. They were very professional. We have a large Cocker spaniel and they charged just over £800. Hope this helps

MadamDeathstare Tue 03-May-16 19:02:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ksb76 Thu 05-May-16 03:41:42

We used world care pet from London to Houston and they were fantastic. Cost was covered by the company so no idea what the total was, but would definitely recommend.

FernArable Sat 07-May-16 13:07:20

This is great thank you everyone for your replies. I'm going to get a couple of quotes this afternoon. ohtobe that is awful I hope your dog was ok.

MEgirl Sun 08-May-16 00:22:28

We used Air Pets from Heathrow to Doha a few years ago. They did a good job.

EmmapausalBitch Mon 09-May-16 17:19:50

I flew from Boston to Heathrow with my two medium sized dogs on the same Virgin flight. I think it cost about $800 each (more than my ticket). Virgin did recommend that I visit their cargo office at the airport a week or two before the flight, to check that the crates were ok, and all the paperwork was in order. Good thing I did, because it turned out the paperwork wasn't quite in order and if this had been the day we were all supposed to fly, the dogs wouldn't have been allowed on the plane.

Virgin were great - if flying with dogs, I would recommend them over British Airways.

Madhatterexpat Thu 12-May-16 18:43:54

I cannot recommend Pet exports UK enough. We used them to relocate our cat from UK to Kenya and the owner Tim was fantastic, really helpful and whole process was stress free. He even organised a clearing agent in Kenya to help get our cat through the other side with no fuss.

orangebird69 Sat 14-May-16 23:49:38

I used this comany to transport my two cars to Saudi. Notoriously difficult and painful process but they were fantastic. Gave me updates etc. Would highly recommend them.

orangebird69 Sat 14-May-16 23:49:53

Cars? Cats!

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