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New York, baby

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There's a chance DH might get a temporary job transfer to NY in the next year or 2. I would love to go and would be willing to quit my job etc, either to be a SAHM for a couple of years or to do a few days work a week, assuming I get a visa that allows me to. The main thing concerning me at the moment is that we want another baby and I wonder if we might not get round to it if we go to NY.
We have a DS (4) and DD(1) and I don't really want to wait too long to have a third. But do I really want to undertake a big move (prob to a small apartment) with 3 kids? Or, do we wait a year or 2 and have a baby while we're there? Then the problem will be having 3 young children at home (or maybe 1 at school) in a city I don't know with no friends/grandparents around to help. Of course we could wait till we come back to the UK, but that might be another 4 years and then the age gap would be quite big...
Any advice from anyone please?

Of course, there's always a chance we might not go at all, and then we will have waited for no reason at all....

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 17-Apr-16 13:26:00

I have learned after 10 international moves that you should just live your life and any relocation that comes along will be just added into the mix and dealt with.

In my dh's industry, you can move at a moments notice, moves get canceled, destinations change etc and you can't put your life on hold waiting for an HR dept to make a decision. Live your life, have your baby, you will manage. Many expats in NY have 3 children, many have babies, grandparents come to stay, nannies, helpers, babysitters and daycare feature, the world keeps turning.

Good luck. One of my best friends lived in NY with a toddler and a baby, she adored it and would give anything to return.

MyFriendsCallMeOh Sun 17-Apr-16 13:26:53

You might also be aware that a child born in the USA automatically has US citizenship, whether this makes a difference to you or not....

Want2bSupermum Wed 20-Apr-16 03:23:53

Just had a 3rd DC and we are in the NYC area, Hoboken, NJ to be specific. My kids are 4, 3 and 3 weeks. My elder two are in school so I get time on my own during the day. I have hired help 3:30-6pm as I had a CS so I can't run around yet after the kids.

Totally agree that you shouldn't let work plans get in the way. Have your third DC when you are ready. If you are here you will be ok. My obn signed off on me staying an extra night in hospital (had my own room and room service with extensive menu). The hospital here had a nursery so I could send baby off when I wanted to sleep.

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