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flymo79 Wed 06-Apr-16 21:34:21

Help! Where to start with shipping?? Moving to malaysia in July, already have address, how to find a reasonable and reliable firm? Sorry, total newbie q.
Also, in general, does anyone have a definitive 'what to do before you leave' list? Am increasingly preoccupied with the unknowns!!!
Thanks wise people

NatD1 Thu 07-Apr-16 00:25:11

Hi flymo.

Call a few international movers to come round and give you quotes. They'll explain everything and give you a better idea of how to tackle it all.

Because it's Malaysia you're coming to. I'd want to know the name of the local company that they would be using here. That's probably more important than the UK part. I'd read some horror stories online so we used Santa Fe for our February move to KL. (everyone recommended them on the local FB expat sites). They were fantastic but appreciate they may cost more.

Join FB KL expat sites if possible. These sort of questions come up daily and you will get loads of responses. KL EXPATS FOR SALE, ADVICE AND RECOMMENDATIONS (KUALA LUMPUR). Also Expat Parents in and around Mont Kiara.

Even if you don't live in these areas the advice will still be invaluable.

Good luck

flymo79 Thu 07-Apr-16 14:11:00

Thanks Nat! We are moving to Penang but will check those sites as you suggest. Very helpful

ohtobeanonymous Fri 15-Apr-16 07:52:16

Flymo - see if you can get the 'door to door' service to avoid having to do the customs/collection etc...locally. We used Seven Seas to come to another SE Asian country and they were excellent.
Just a tip - if you're coming on a temporary contract and moving into a furnished home, you will not need/use about 90% of the stuff you pack - the stuff that seems so 'essential' when you're leaving home, honestly we barely noticed it being absent in the months waiting for the shipment to arrive.
If your company is paying for relocation costs, go for it, but if you're funding the bill yourself, be VERY selective. Also, if you don't like Penang for any reason etc... it can be a nightmare to get your stuff back out of the country. I have heard some absolute horror stories from colleagues who have had their belongings basically held to ransom and then the company they chose 'disappearing' and there is NOTHING, as foreigners, that they can do about it.
Good luck - enjoy the move and experience of living in Penang. (are you a teacher, perchance?)

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