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Possible move to Dubai

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ZIMAROULIS Wed 30-Mar-16 11:34:27

Hallo Ladies,
We are a family of four, two kids of age 8.5 years and 8 months. My husband is about to be offered a position to Dubai (internal transfer). We know the offer will be around 24000 AED per month plus medical insurance for the whole family, question mark for tickets for once a year for the whole family, no allowance for housing or schooling. My biggest concern is if with that offer it is doable until I also find a part time job. I have investigated on rent prices, schools etc and I realize we will be on a very tight budget. It is not impossible from what I understand but not easy either. That is why I would like to hear your views ladies
Many thanks in advance

ShanghaiDiva Thu 31-Mar-16 05:57:02

I am not in Dubai, but would not be thrilled with an offer that did not include a housing allowance, flights home or school fees. I would also be reluctant to go through all the upheaval of relocating to just get by and live on a very tight budget. One of the great advantages of being overseas is the opportunity to travel and it doesn't sound like this would be possible on the package offered.
Think I read somewhere that rent needs to be paid one year's fee up front so that may be tricky too.

FrikkaDilla Thu 31-Mar-16 08:27:02

I agree with ShanghaiDiva. We lived in Dubai and amongst it's many other faults is it is extremely expensive. It is also very difficult to get in to the job market on your own - so don't take that as a given. Housing is very expensive and you'll probably be required to pay a year up front. I think you need to do more research on this to convince yourself.
Dubai is difficult enough to survive in but with a tight budget it would be much much worse.

LemonBreeland Thu 31-Mar-16 09:01:50

I agree with pps. I don't live there but have family and friends who do. It is not the kind of place I would want to live and scrape by. There is very much a certain lifestyle and if you can't afford it I think it would not be much fun living there.

ToastDemon Thu 31-Mar-16 14:26:38

I would say that's a terrible salary for a family of four if it doesn't include housing allowance or school fees.
It's not always the easiest living in the Gulf, one would expect a salary that allows you to enjoy the perks to balance the hardships, and also to save.
There's no way I'd live in the Middle East on a tight budget, it completely defeats the purpose and in my opinion would feel way, way harder than being on a budget in the UK.

Ifiwasabadger Fri 01-Apr-16 19:09:28

24k a month for a family of four is not doable in my opinion. I have lived in Dubai for 8 years.

Annual rent is enormous not to mention the school fees. Oh and the dewa (water and electricity bills) are outrageous too. We pay over 600 GBP a month on those alone.

We live modestly by Dubai standards ( one car, not an enormous villa) and our outgoings per month, just basic rent, bills, nursery fees (and these are lower than school fees) hit around the 21k mark.

DessertOrDesert Sun 03-Apr-16 07:15:47

Were in a bordering country to UAE. Life is cheeper here.
We have housing paid, 90% of school fees paid (the only UK curriculum school with spaces was over budget, we are paying the balance), a flight back each year. I reckon we spend 7-10kAED/ Month (food, after school activities, phone bill, clothes, car stuff, eating out - no alcohol here). Add rent, bills (included in rent for us) school fees, and we will be way over your budget. People out here either spend very hard, and live the high life, or save very hard, and get out. I don't recommend it for living on a budget, unless it needs to happen for a big promotion or similar.

zikreetdreaming Sun 03-Apr-16 16:27:16

Have you looked at school fees for schools that you gave a reasonable chance of getting into?

We live in another UAE City that if far cheaper than Al Ain. No way could we live here and enjoy any decent standard of living (and I am not a designer clothes and brunch girl!) for 24k total.

What do you do that you think might bring in enough in a part-time job to subsidise the difference? Unless you're a highly paid professional you'll struggle to get 10k a month (full time equivalent).

I wouldnt move to Dubai for 34k all in either! What's the point if you can't save at all?

That said I'd hate to live in Dubai so wouldn't move there for 100k. But for 24k just don't do it.

zikreetdreaming Sun 03-Apr-16 16:27:42

Far cheaper than Dubai. Guess where I live!

FrikkaDilla Sun 03-Apr-16 23:47:37

zikreet - wherever it is, it's all crap in that part of the world anyway.

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