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Re Moving to Jersey

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chadam29 Sun 20-Mar-16 19:57:27


So I have been offered a job in Jersey as a teacher which I have accepted but to be honest I know very little about the place. My partner will be coming with me but because we are not married he will not come over on my licence J category this doesn't impact us on housing I am worried it will be hard for him finding a job. Are we best getting married before we go (we are due to marry next year). Also I could do with knowing where the best places are to live, I will be working in St Helier but I'm worried about the price of accommodation, we will be bringing our pets 1 dog and 2 cats and will be having children over to stay so ideally need at least 2 beds in a house. Where is the best?

Any information and advice will be most helpful as I want to be as fully prepared as I can be. I am moving from the UK.

Thank you

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