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Sydney lifestyle but not Sydney

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Yukky Sun 20-Mar-16 12:26:24

We used to live in Sydney and after being back in the uk for 5 years now our feet are itching and we're thinking about another international move.

What we loved about Sydney - good weather, lovely leisure activities (beach, parks, outdoor public pools, walks, canoeing etc etc etc), small ish city so easy to navigate and commute.

But - we don't want to go back there, mainly I don't think we could afford it. I think we'd need $200k for a central ish suburb and 3 beds and decent disposable income. With 2 under 5's we're thinking that one of us would be a SAHP (prob DH as my earning potential is more guaranteed than his) so $200k for me alone will be hard to reach. My work is based in cities (senior HR), DH is anywhere really (tradesman).

Anyway, where can we get a similar lifestyle to Sydney, but not Sydney - anywhere in the world? Hit me with your suggestions/experiences!!

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