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Anyone got experience with Spanish non-resident bank accounts?

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MardAsSnails Sat 19-Mar-16 06:49:09

We're looking to purchase a property in Spain within the next year, and a local bank account is required.

However, its not very accessible from where we live, so my parents will be doing viewings etc for us - we know the areas we wish to buy (it'll be holiday rental and general bolthole for us so not hugely important whether we like it or not), and they'll have POA to do local paperwork for me.

One thing they can't do on my behalf is set up the bank account, so i'll have to do this when i visit in a few weeks time.

Anyone got recent experience of doing this? We'd want something with decent rates for transfers from outside of EU, and with online banking in English.

I believe all i'll need is proof of non residence - i assume residence visa and employment certificate from overseas will do? I'll be able to deposit a few '000 cash. Would they need proof of address overseas?

One website I've read says that they'd need the address of the house I'm buying - is this necessary? could i give the address of my parents house?

Any pointers would be gratefully received!


GoodtoBetter Sat 19-Mar-16 08:18:12

If your parents POS is wide ranging enough they can set up a bank account foryou, I did for my brother last year. You'll need it officially translated though. My brother's account is with the Caixa.

GoodtoBetter Sat 19-Mar-16 10:42:30

Sorry, should say POA, not POS.

MardAsSnails Sat 19-Mar-16 12:37:04

Ah excellent - the estate agent guy my dad was speaking to said he believed that wasn't the case, therefore thought I'd need to use this opportunity to get it done. Thanks!

GoodtoBetter Sat 19-Mar-16 13:18:52

I got my brother to have a POA set up in English which said basically he authorised me to act on his behalf in all dealings with official agencies, tax, local governemnt, banks, state agencies for the purposes of opening and closing and administrating bank accounts, signing for purchases of property, dealing with bills, both setting up utilities and paying taxes at local and state level, etc. Basically every eventuality you can think of and then I had a sworn translation of it into Spanish. He has a flat here and basically with that sworn translation of the POA as described I can do pretty much anything in his name. I also got him to get a notarised copy of his passport sent to me and had that translated by a sworn translator too I think, and that acted as his ID.

He pays more commission on the bank account than I do as a resident (I live in Spain, hence sorting out the POA and so on) but other than that we have had no problems.

GoodtoBetter Sat 19-Mar-16 13:19:13

He pays more bank charges than I do I mean.

GoodtoBetter Sat 19-Mar-16 13:21:18

I think to have the property in your name you'll need to get a NIE number, you'll need a NIE number (número de identificación de extranjeros) to open a bank account I think at some point, even if you can do it initially with a passport number.

GoodtoBetter Sat 19-Mar-16 13:23:24
This link is about NIE numbers:

GoodtoBetter Sat 19-Mar-16 13:25:07

Your parents could apply for your NIE, you'd need to mention that also in the POA.

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