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Newtosingers1 Mon 14-Mar-16 07:40:45

Hi, we are due to move to Singapore soon from Hong Kong and my 2 daughters play a lot of netball. As some of the schools do not seem to have netball teams can anyone suggest any alternative clubs? many thanks in advance....

ohtobeanonymous Mon 14-Mar-16 11:52:25

Good luck! Perhaps there might be some parent groups that run netball clubs in some schools as an 'extra' club. Basketball is definitely the ball game of choice in SEA. And don't get my DD started on the absence of hockey!!!

SquadGoals Tue 15-Mar-16 12:49:25

How old are your daughters? I know Bedok Kings have a team but I think it's 15+. Alternatively there is KidzNet for 6-10 year olds.

I'm sure ANZA will have some links bearing in mind netball is so popular in Australia. Worth having a google.

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