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Relocating to Manchester

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ndjthompson1 Thu 25-Feb-16 16:22:41

Hello there -

We are relocating to Manchester from Aberdeen in June. We are 2 adults and 3 children, aged 9, 6 and 4 this Spring/Summer.

Tentatively looking at homes in the Wilmslow/Alderley Edge area, but really not sure yet. My office is on the west side of Warrington.

We have a rental budget of up to £3500 per month. I have looked online at Rightmove etc but could do with some advice, a bit more in depth that calling local estate agents.

Has anybody advice as to any companies who could help, maybe a relocation agent or something similar.

Something like Kirstie and Phil off the TV would be ideal !!!!!!!!!!

Lhart1589 Mon 29-Feb-16 00:23:33

I live in Warrington and commute to Manchester. Wilmslow/Alderly edge are both lovely. Hale also. However I would look in Stockton Heath, Appleton, Grappenhall areas of Warrington also. I have a friend who has just relocated back to Manchester from Dubai, I will ask her who/what company she used. Hope this helps.

ToastedOrFresh Mon 29-Feb-16 00:26:40

Good luck with your move.

My husband and I are contemplating returning to Britain later this year from overseas. Threads like this are very useful, thanks. I might even start one myself in a few months.

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