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Santiago, Chile

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westcoast Sat 20-Feb-16 03:37:50

My husband has been offered a position at a company in Santiago. The package is quite decent, it is for three years and provision for travel home once a year, schooling, full health insurance and rental allowance have been included. It is not our first posting, we were in Shanghai for 3 years but I was able to take a transfer with my company and this time it is impossible so I will be SAHM.

We went for a 'look and see' trip and we have been trying to figure out if we/he should accept the offer. We need to make the final decision by Wednesday.

If we go we will rent an apartment near Metro Alcantara in a modern building that seems to be quite international. We both speak a little Spanish, we felt it was enough to get by when we visited, obviously we would need more classes.

We have to DC twins both 18months.

Just wondering if anyone has lived there and any tips? What is it really like?

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