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Anyone mumsnetters in the Cayman Islands?

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Maxlara Mon 15-Feb-16 16:54:32

Hello all!

We are currently contemplating a move from London to the Cayman Islands as my husband has just been offered a job. Im excited at the prospect, though after visiting I feel like there won't be much to do with two small children - 1 & 2 years old. And me being a SAHM, I fear that I will go crazy with boredom too! In London there is alway so much to do and so many great places to take the little ones and when in doubt I love the fact that I can just pop the two babies in the pram and take off walking anywhere. Whereas that is a luxury I wouldnt have in Cayman. On the flip side, a lot of our friends and family have moved out of London, so we don't really have much of a support network that we would miss should we decide to make the move.
Anyone in Cayman (or has lived in Cayman) can offer any insights?? How would life be with the two little ones? What would we do on a daily basis?
Would it be easy making friends even though I don't work?

MyFriendsCallMeOh Mon 15-Feb-16 19:14:25

There was a documentary about Cayman "Britain's Trillion Pound Island" a few weeks ago, it's still on iplayer. Take a look at it, there are interviews of residents etc, quite interesting.

tomatodizzy Tue 16-Feb-16 09:40:25

I don't but have you considered looking for the ex-pat community website. I have found that sahm's meet up wherever you go, so you might get in contact and see what there is in the Cayman Islands. I found that when I was living in Rio and didn't speak much of the language my friendship circle changed. I met other SAHM's but also a lot retirees who can be great company. If there is a local international school or sometimes an Anglican church that is often a place to meet internationals who can give you information or might be in the same boat as you. Also living out of London when you have great weather can make all the difference. Beaches, pools and outside play can keep little ones just as hooked as museums and parks. Good luck.

Threesoundslikealot Tue 16-Feb-16 09:59:18

There's a FB group called Caymums. I know a nursery mum I knew found it really useful when preparing for her own move out there from London, with three kids under four!

LexLoofah Tue 16-Feb-16 20:58:56

max we lived there for 10 years, moved back to the UK last summer. DCs were born there.

Everyone has a different experience there as very much depends on if you work, if you enjoy that kind of climate (can get too hot and humid in the summer), if you will have the the means to get off the island on a regular basis, how close you are to your family, if family and friends will visit ( be realistic, it is pricey and a long way), how often you will get back to the UK, if you dive or will have a boat etc, if you have a fixed term you will be living there, if you are prepared to educate your children there and pay for it, will you be happy renting or take the plunge and buy, will you qualify for Permanent residency should you wish to stay?

There are plenty uK expats with young families, the community centre on south sound would be one place to meet other parents I think the play day is a Monday, there are a number of soft play places and mum and me type groups, you constantly bump into the same people so you do get to know people. There are active clubs like the rugby, sailing and tennis to also meet other families and the way a lot of the housing is structured you tend to meet other families I.e, in the shared pool.

You are right you can't stick the DCs in the buggy and get out, you will need to drive. Camana bay is where everyone heads as mostly pedestrianised and has two fountains to splash in, bookshop, restaurants, soft play (starfish village which is also a pre school) cinema and a gelato shop.

Beach trips to seven mile will feature frequently as again you are correct there is not much else to do there. a day trip would be a drive or boat to rum point which is another beach so same stuff different location.

I will say that living costs are extremely high, you need to be aware of just how high when looking At the salary package being offered as whilst it is not subject to income tax you will absolutely pay tax whenever you buy something as consumption based or when you ship something in or even receive gift parcels - yes kids birthday presents subject to duty including the postage!

We prefer natural, organic food and while you can buy it there it is v expensive and not always as fresh as you would like. utilities are expensive too, you need to factor in health insurance as well and the costs of getting off the island even just to go to Miami

Remember there is no John Lewis, no M&S, no Amazon prime!

Sorry bit of an essay, hope that helps, feel free to ask any questions on here or PM me

KandyGurl Sun 20-Mar-16 11:07:29

Sorry to hijack the post but I was wondering how Cayman compares to other Caribbean islands. Almost 18 months ago my husband and I moved to Turks and Caicos from London to escape the rat race and to take advantage of the tax free jurisdiction. He is now coming to the end of his contract (he's a Barrister/lawyer) and we are trying to decide what to do next. I have to admit I've found TCI far too quiet and we now have a one year old son and other than the beach there is not much to do with him. People here have said that there is a lot more going on in Cayman . Is that true? I know it's not going to be like London, but is there enough to do to keep a one year old entertained. For example here in Provo there are no soft play places, no kids playground, no cinema, no malls, no museums, no animal sanctuaries etc . Another thing I was wondering about is are you allowed to look for work over there or are they quite protectionist over jobs going to expats? My husband seems pretty sure that he could secure a job there but I was wondering about me . If I decide to work how easy would it be for me to get a job . I have experience working as an accounts all rounder so accounts payable/receive able/credit controller etc.

lexloofah Sun 20-Mar-16 14:20:01

kandy I haven't been to T&C but there are plenty of expats in Cayman who have done a stint there and other places like BVI or the ABCs and for them Cayman was an improvement.

From the sounds of it there is more to do than where you are now, there are several play grounds and soft plays, new 6 screen cinema, those fountains that come up out of the floor they can run round in, check out Camana bay website.

Limited day trips which all centre around the beach or sea in some way. Fine for a 1 year old, we found they and we were getting bored around the 5 year old mark plus then there is schooling to consider.

Your DH should not have a problem getting a job or a work permit, you might struggle if no quals for your role as company needs to justify hiring you over a local so if it is a choice between and a caymanian applicant the job may go to them. It does depend on who applies really so you might get a job or might have to wait a while, hard to say really but in theory your skills are sought after, you might want to speak to a recruiter first, try CML, I got my job there through them.

The alternative of course is to return to the UK but outside of London which is what we have done so you could do that now or do a few years in Cayman with the plan to head back by the time your 1yo is due to enter Reception.

Perhaps a weekend in Cayman might be an idea first, stay somewhere like sunshine suites, easier with the little one. Good luck

KandyGurl Sun 03-Apr-16 16:49:27

Thank you so much Lexloofah, for replying.

I definitely think we"ll do a fact finding trip to Cayman as we are not far away at the moment and decide after that. Thank you for the tip of where to stay also .

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