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Any new American mums on the site?

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oremstango Sun 24-Dec-06 22:24:29

I'm a very new Mum and curious if any US expats are circulating on the site...would love to chat!

Perigrine Sun 24-Dec-06 22:26:10

There are loads kicking about, and people from here that live over there. Probably be along soon.

Where are you about! and how is the little one?

uwila Mon 25-Dec-06 13:09:51

I'm American.

I'm not really a new mum as my kids are 3 1/2 yrs and 1 1/2 yrs. I am from Chicago, and live outside of London. I've been here for about 5 years, and am in no hurry to move back to the US. Maybe someday....

oremstango Mon 25-Dec-06 18:30:33

I hear you on no rush to move back to the in Kew and little one is a whopping 3 weeks old today. : )

Earlybird Tue 26-Dec-06 01:35:20

Just curious - why are you all in no hurry to move back to the States? Thought it was supposed to be an amazing quality of life there, and loads cheaper to live (especially if you're not in NYC or California).

uwila Tue 26-Dec-06 08:52:34

America is lovely, and it will always be my "home". But I lived there most of my life, and now I am happy here. Although, as you point out, if anything could drive me back it is the housing market here in the UK. But,, then, I work in the oil industry and I don't really fancy living in Houston again. So, perhaps even if I left the UK, I would go somewhere else.

2ManyPimms Wed 27-Dec-06 19:33:19

Another expat here living outside of London.

Been away from the States for nearly 10 years and don't feel like I "belong" there, although it is still home for me.

Uwila - I'm a former oil industry person to...fortunately I wasn't shipped off to Houston - I'd have quit right then and there!

DaddyCoolLickingAtYourToes Wed 27-Dec-06 19:38:12

i'm canadian. i lived in the UK for ten years and only just moved back to canada in september.

it's interesting. def not home anywhere. no way. feels like a completely foreign country to me now.

love the snow though... and the drive thru doughnut shops... and i got something called a 'chocolate peanut butter bash' at a drive thru the other day and couldn't stop smiling for about an hour

uwila Thu 28-Dec-06 09:32:54

Oi. What is this? Canadians crashing the thread. This is for Americans. Just kidding.

Oh, Pimms, I'm afrqaid I sealed my own fate when I up and moved to Houston for University. But, I got very bored with Houston. I'm a big city girl. So, where do you live now? What did you do in theoild industry? And what do you do now?

oremstango Fri 29-Dec-06 09:05:26

I think part of it is 'the grass is always (or often) greener...if anything pushes me back eventually it may be prices/cost of living. What do you guys all find in terms of relative quality of life?

2ManyPimms Sat 30-Dec-06 15:24:39

Uwila - I'm in St Albans now. Used to work for a commodities company which traded crude oil, coal, electricity, precious metals etc... They had a refining company in Houston which brought me out there on occassion.

At the moment, I'm a SAHM. Ohhhh...the excitement!

And you?

MKG Sat 30-Dec-06 15:50:20

Hey I'm American living in America. I have a 16 mo ds and am 19 weeks with baby #2.

Kameko043 Wed 10-Jan-07 13:00:34

Another one here.

We moved to the UK from GA, one year ago and LOVE IT! We are near York, where are you?

roodgirl Thu 01-Feb-07 23:07:58

I moved to the UK from Mississippi in 1986, then came back to the US in 2003 with British husband in tow.
We were hit by hurricane Katrina and now have an evacuation daughter. She's 7 months old now.

roodgirl Thu 01-Feb-07 23:08:48

Oops. That was 1996. It's after 5 here and I'm already into the vino.

expatinscotland Thu 01-Feb-07 23:11:57

I am, too.

Not such a new mum, either, as my two are 3.5 and 13 months.

I am married to a Scotsman and have been here for 5 years. Both my children are Scottish-born.

I was born in Houston, Texas. My father is a retired petroleum engineer, so we moved all over growing up, although my family always kept a house in Houston and consider it their home.

I, however, left there in 1989.

Will not be moving back there as I always have to work and am not interested in a) healthcare tied to my job b) 40 hour minimum work weeks c) being defined by what I do for a living d) sad excuse for holiday time.

Anoah Sat 03-Feb-07 11:05:24

I'm American. I moved to the UK from Pennsylvania in 2000 to be with my British DH. Now we have 3 British born children. We are moving back to the USA next year. I like the UK but I am a nurse and that is not a good profession to be in over here.

YankeeFish Fri 09-Feb-07 14:58:59

Hi Americans,

My American dh and i moved here in Nov 06 for his job from Vermont - and we like it so far. We are living in Norwich. We are expecting our first LO in about 4 weeks - so it is interesting going through the pregnancy here with NHS and all its issues. But, it has its advantages over private health care as well.

Getting used to all the things that are just a bit different over here - nappies, prams etc.

I have a bit of a strange question - has anyone birthed a boy in the UK and had him circumsized? Our LO is a surprise - but if it is a boy - we would like to have him circumsized... our midwife doesn't know the procedure and it is not typical over here - so just want to know how to get it done. Any advise?

mmbrown Fri 09-Feb-07 15:46:18

I am an American too. Living in Nottingham. I am currently 29 weeks pregnant, and I too am getting used to the new lingo. At first the idea of a midwife and not a doctor scared me but love my midwife and found some advantages. Have lived here for almost 2 years after my Scottish husand moved back here for a job. Though now that I am pregnant we are talking about trying to move back to the states to be around family and friends. His parents do live in Scotland, so there is some support here.

Daemara Thu 15-Feb-07 09:39:54

I'm American living in Derbyshire but not new ds is 3 years old. I'm from California but my parents moved to Idaho a few years ago, actually they moved when I was preg with ds and unable to help (very nasty case of hg blah and crap venus return Doctor took my blood pressure one day and it was so low he thought his machine was broken! anyway..) so thats where we spend most of our holiday time. I haven't really met any expats in the area but I know they must be around derby somewhere. but i've always been shy anyway. so hello everyone

DivaSkyChick Sun 18-Feb-07 19:34:34

Hey there,

Myhubby and I moved to London from Los Angeles this past July for his work. I'm 17 weeks pg and missing my family a lot but we're so busy here and we have made some great friends. I just find it hard to be going through my first pregnancy without the support of my best friends and my mom!

Mumsnet has been so helpful in guiding me thru the NHS / midwife process!

USAUKMum Sun 18-Feb-07 19:55:42

Only just stumbled on this thread. Yet another American I moved here 22 Aug 1995 (exact date etched on brain from having to put on my taxes every year. My DH is from The North, but we live in between London & Cambridge. I grew up in Ohio, but lived in NJ (Philly end) with DH when we first got married and went to university in Syracuse. We've got 2 DC (DD5.11 & DS2.6), so 6 passports in all when this family travels.

We've no plans to go back. For much the same reasons as expat, but my parents visit about 4 times a year.

The only real thing doing my head in at the moment, is schooling. I think they start too early. My BF in OH has a DD 6 mths older than DD and she still hasn't started full time school yet. She's in Kindergarten, while DD is in YR1. That and the whole choosing when 11/16 of what subjects. I am considering forcing DC in taking maths, history, english, sciences until 18.......

nachomama Sat 31-Mar-07 00:12:00

Oh my goodness- so excited upon finding this thread! I am hour south of London, 1/2 hour north of Portsmouth. Have been here 11 years with my limey husband (whom I met when I was kicking around London for fun after graduating from college), and had 1st baby in June. Most of my people are in New England. I go back HOME as often as I can. I don't realize ( note the Z in that word ) how much I miss it all until little reminders crop up, like this thread! I must say though that I am so glad I had DS here. NHS is awesome, IMO, even though this gvt is dimantling and ruining it every day. The midwives were superb and I found that they were much better suited to understanding my needs than the doctors have been.

I did NOT have baby circumsized- DH VERY anti. It was a bit weird taking him home and having odd looks when people noticed. But he was spared a painful traumatic experience for culture's sake, I guess.

I really hope that y'all keep coming back to chat; would love to hear from you.

stardustmom Sun 08-Apr-07 19:09:18

hi - i'm a new american mom too! I'm in Wiltshire and have been here 5 yrs (dh is british). Just had dd in December 06 on the nhs (which i won't do again if i can help it!). I don't know how the experience compares to the american system b/c i've never had a baby there! anyway - there are loads of other moms on the american expat forum if you're looking for other american moms to talk to.

expatinengland Wed 11-Apr-07 16:21:12

Hi. Also an American living in Wiltshire. FL native, UMCP (Univ. of Maryland) graduate, lived in No. VA, CA and moved here from AZ. DH and I moved here just over a yr. ago(job transfer for him), and had DD a few months later. Ante-natal (prenatal)care was great on the NHS, but labor/delivery was SOOOOO awful in fact that we'll move back to the States if we decide to have another child or will go private here. I really miss seeing a proper pediatrician and ob/ fact, we will go back to States each yr. for checkups.

So glad to find this on mn. Other than tbe NHS and tbe fact that it seems to be impossible to dine well here with a kid...just imagine mid-range, mediocre restaurants in the US not welcoming children...we love the UK. We holiday on the continent because they don't hate kids there.

Otherwise, we are loving this experience.

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