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Singapore - doctor/prescription question

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ohsobusyx3 Wed 27-Jan-16 12:00:29

Hi - we're a family of 5 hoping to be in Singapore around Easter.

How easy is it to register with a GP/the equivalent? My husband is on daily medication and I take an oral contraceptive. I am guessing both are prescription only in Singapore too?

Also, opticians? I know there are 100's of them. Do you just pick one like you would in the UK? I use monthly disposable contact lenses so will need this setting up.

We will of course bring a few months supply of everything with's just another 'to do' list task that will need ticking off at some point.

Thank you flowers

Singaporeslings Wed 27-Jan-16 17:45:57

Very easy to register - there's loads of 'local' GPs very similar to home & more reasonably priced. Or posher expat ones. Try to stock up on any routine meds before you come. And make sure you have decent medical cover if any pre-existing conditions.
Opticians - exactly like UK. But I order contacts online in UK & bring over a few months supply at a time when home for hols.
There's loads of very helpful FB expat wives pages if you need more info too.
Good luck with the move!

ohsobusyx3 Thu 28-Jan-16 09:12:34

Singaporeslings thank you.

My husband's condition is covered by health insurance. I am going to check that my oral contraceptive is licensed in Singapore so that i can get it locally as I'd rather not have to switch.

I won't be travelling back and forth to the UK often enough so will need to be able to get my lenses locally. I'm sure this will be easy enough.

I've not yet signed up to any FB pages because we have not yet got a moving date and I'm keeping quiet about it until we do. Though I have prepped my close family smile

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