If you could re-locate anywhere in the world....

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farflung Wed 27-Jan-16 07:05:12

Where would you go? And why?


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timelytess Wed 27-Jan-16 07:17:38

Not far, really. So not 'farflung' for me.
Harrogate when dd and her family move there.
West Clare, ideally around Liscannor Bay because its beautiful.
Wales often comes to mind. Somewhere coastal.

Laptopwieldingharpy Wed 27-Jan-16 08:45:25

Been in Asia 10 yests and love it here. Good energy good lifestyle and a great new perspective on the world (non atlantic centric).
If we were to dream of returning to Europe we'd love to try Barcelona.
Good weather, good food, good economy, interesting politics, culture, mountains, the sea, good airport hub and decent international schools. Not to forget new fairly accessible language.
Or NY!

SquadGoals Wed 27-Jan-16 09:31:06

We'll be moving again at the end of this year. I've told DH to look at UK, Australia, US or Switzerland. Think I would also consider France and the Netherlands depending on the ease of me being able to work with the language barriers.

I'd do Singapore again on certain conditions. Perhaps KL.

We're in SA at the moment and I would so love to live in Cape Town.

mrsmortis Wed 27-Jan-16 09:47:23

While the kids are little I'd love to spend a few years on Bermuda. I'm not convinced it'd be so good for teenagers though...

missybct Wed 27-Jan-16 09:48:59

Any of the nordic countries - Denmark, Sweden, Norway. Wouldn't mind Germany either.

UK based - Wales or Peak District, without a shadow of a doubt - rural, beautiful, natural. Neither me or DP are city people, just unfortunately find ourselves in a more built up area than we'd like.

Allyearcheer Wed 27-Jan-16 09:49:03

Vancouver, or Bristol


ImogenTubbs Wed 27-Jan-16 19:48:53

About to hand in my notice (well, in two weeks time) and move to Valencia in Spain! Just for a year, but still very excited!

JennyOnAPlate Wed 27-Jan-16 20:37:13

UK choice would be Pembrokeshire. If we were going abroad I would choose Canada I think or maybe Sweden.

LaurieFairyCake Wed 27-Jan-16 20:38:20

Manhattan - would love to do my job there

Parker231 Thu 28-Jan-16 08:57:58

Without a doubt - Prince Edward Island !

TheWildRumpyPumpus Thu 28-Jan-16 09:05:26

We did Manhattan for 3 years, was great whilst child-free but rubbish with young kids.

Have moved to rural England now, about as opposite as you can get!

Glastokitty Thu 28-Jan-16 09:06:47

I've lived in London and Cork which I loved (not too keen on where I'm originally from). Now I live in Western Australia and have totally fallen in love with the place. I won't be going anywhere else unless I retire to Bali or win the lotto so I can do summer in Rome when it's winter here grin

Madblondedog Thu 28-Jan-16 09:08:32

Australia, either Perth, Melbourne or Adelaide. I would leave tomorrow if DP would, but he is a home boy sadly

PurpleDaisies Thu 28-Jan-16 09:08:35

Vancouver. Or Yorkshire.

kiwiscantfly Thu 28-Jan-16 09:13:52

We're from NZ but spent ages 25-32 in London and now we're home. I would love to live in NYC but I suspect with 2 DC and one on the way it'd be pretty hard. Somewhere in the US would be nice, just for a year or two. In NZ I'd have to say in my home town, we're half way between both of our parents, but five hours is ideally too far for me.

waitingforsomething Thu 28-Jan-16 12:17:30

Spain. Perfect weather, perfect food, very useful language. I love Spain wish I had the opportunity to live there

merrygoround51 Thu 28-Jan-16 14:06:48

Californian Coast - Santa Monica, Santa Cruz etc

lljkk Thu 28-Jan-16 14:10:36

Netherlands, maybe.
Kids would hate moving, so nowhere with them.

SparklyTinselTits Thu 28-Jan-16 14:24:56

Difficult choice!!
I spent half of my childhood in Poland, and would go back in a heartbeat. It's my home. and I hate living in the UK with a passion
I've visited family in Canada numerous times over the years too, and would love to settle there. Can see it being a wonderful place for children to grow up, with all the seasonal activities, and amazing places to see.

Peppapigallowsmetoshower Thu 28-Jan-16 14:29:00

Just north from merrygoround51...

Carmel, California. Bliss!

NickiFury Thu 28-Jan-16 14:37:35

Gulf coast, Florida. I'm pretty widely travelled but where we stayed was the most tranquil and beautiful place. Miles and miles of white deserted sandy beaches, amazing wildlife. It's the only place where I felt I could stay forever. I'm going to try to take my children there for the whole summer next year. Fly out the day Dd breaks up and fly back the day before school starts smile

fakenamefornow Thu 28-Jan-16 14:49:56

Switzerland, near lake Geneva

I would ski all winter and swim in the lakes all summer. I'm also rich in this fantasy and don't have to work.

KeyserSophie Sun 31-Jan-16 13:14:12

In Hong Kong at the moment. Been here about 7 years. I'd love to live on the west coast of the US - around San Fran, or in Switzerland, as I love rules, skiing and chocolate. I love Singapore but don't get particularly excited about moving there for some reason. Australia's too far. Wouldnt mind moving back to the UK but not London- Dorset maybe.

sayatidaknama Mon 01-Feb-16 16:39:02

In my dreams I'd live in Greece (yes seriously) for so many reasons. Currently live in France and I can't get excited about it which probably seems strange as it's a pretty nice place really. I'ved lived in lots of countries and I suppose I'd still choose London.

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