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Moving to Spain for a year with a toddler

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ImogenTubbs Wed 27-Jan-16 07:02:00

DH & I have decided to move to Spain for a year before DD starts school in 2017.

It started as a crazy idea at the start of January and the more we think about it, the less crazy it seems. We think we could bring in enough rental income to just cover us without having to work (although we'll both try and get something paid - maybe freelance/work from home type thing) and have some savings/ credit card capacity if there's an emergency.

We are researching and planning at the moment - does anyone have any experience or cautionary advice that we should be aware of before I sail I and quit my job next week?!?

tomatodizzy Wed 27-Jan-16 12:42:05

Why are you planning on moving? To learn the language? Sunshine? Employment is touch and go and it depends on your field. I have a friend that's in Spain and her husband has to frequently come back to get work. She teaches English. Another who is doing fine and has work.

Being in another country with a different language can be very alienating how much Spanish do you speak? Are you planning on going to a high Brit population area or a smaller Spanish community?

On the plus side, it's only a year. Will you regret it if you never do it? How easy would it be to get back into employment when you return?

PattyPenguin Wed 27-Jan-16 20:32:53

Remember you will need to register with the Oficina de Extraneros after 3 months. You will need to prove income of 600 euros per month per person, including your DD, and some areas also expect savings of several thousand euros. In addition you will need to prove you have healthcare, either by paying into the Spanish system through a contracted job or as an autonomo (self-employed), or by having private health insurance. You cannot use an EHIC for more than a few weeks. It's strictly for holidaymakers and covers patching you up, after that you won't get follow up treatment, as you'll be expected to go home to the UK for any further treatment you need.

ImogenTubbs Wed 27-Jan-16 21:46:41

Thanks Patty - that is very useful info. Yes, we will have at least that much income, but I will check the details for Valencia, thank you. Also will look into EHIC.

We both speak some Spanish and would want to take the chance to learn, so not just be in an expat enclave.

And I think I could easily get freelance work on return to the UK while we got settled back in.

ImogenTubbs Wed 27-Jan-16 22:33:10

Question - if we visited the UK more often than every three months (we plan on bringing DD back regularly to see her grandparents) will that cancel out the need for all the residency stuff?

PattyPenguin Fri 29-Jan-16 18:31:44

Sorry, Imogen, work got in the way for a couple of days there.

I think you'd have to come back to the UK for three months if you want to avoid the residency requirement.

Could I suggest it might be an idea to post on an expat forum to get the up-to-date details of residence in Spain? This one comes highly recommended and seems pretty active I see it has a sticky at the top called "FAQs & lots of useful information", so you might find what you need without posting, but there's always that option if you register.

ImogenTubbs Fri 29-Jan-16 23:49:57

Thank you. Yes, in the reading I've been doing since it does seem like it's better to just bite the bullet and go for residency. We're going to do it though! Going out next weekend to get a feel for a few neighbourhoods and then I'm going to quit my job the following week - so exciting!

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