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Moving to Milton Keynes from Northern Ireland - Advise required.

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LadyAnna Mon 04-Jan-16 16:33:44

Hello - this isn't exactly "moving overseas" but i couldn't see a more applicable section.

I am considering moving to Milton Keynes with my daughter this year - i'm assuming that the summer holidays will be the best time as she can start P2 in September for a frsh school term.

I was hoping that someone could please share some advise regarding schools & applications in MK - I've done my own reading but can anyone share some first hand advise or recommendations for schools? When should i look to apply? Do most applications work on catchment area? Do I need to move first and THEN apply or can i have everything in place for next term before we move (obviosuly desirable) . . . If the top schools work on catchment area, what area would you recommend looking at property (planning to rent for the first year or so until we get settled)

This is obviously a HUGE decision for us and i will be removing her from one of the best schools in our current town where she is very happy - its very important to me that she maintains a good education and above all, continues to enjoy school each day.

ANY advise on the above or general moving countries with kids would be really helpful smile


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