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Malta area recommendations and school question

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helbells Sun 03-Jan-16 15:34:36

Hi everyone,

I am considering moving to Malta and want to do a rekkie this spring. Where is a good base if on one hand I would like to be able to explore the island and get a feel for it? We will be travelling with a 2 yo so a nice sandy beach not too far would be ideal, however equally important will be parks, playgrounds and proximity to other activities bar the beach. Sorry if I'm being a tough customer. I'd be interested in an area that will have fresh food markets or grocers in easy reach. Was looking at Mellieha but it seems quite far from Valletta. But perhaps it's quicker in the cab (the bus seems to take an age and I hear the traffic is terrible to drive in)... Or is Mellieha too touristy?

Re the education... I've read on some forums that good nurseries are hard to find - is it really that challenging?

Also, when thinking about schools, I come from a Nordic country so I believe in lots of play in early years, delayed start of academic studies and minimal homework. I can see that there are both Montessori and Waldorf schools there and the former seems to have an excellent reputation. Not sure about the other. Are there any other private schools that focus on nature and play in early years? I guess private is the way to go as I would prefer that my daughter study in English...

Sorry for the rant and most grateful for any thoughts.

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