Ulan Bator

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Alligatorpie Fri 25-Dec-15 14:42:00

Is anyone there? Or have any experience with living there? Dh has just started researching a job there and although it sounds interesting, I feel like it is beyond the end of the earth. Would anyone ever visit us? We have 2 dcs - ages 10 and 4. Is it a good place for kids? Any thoughts? Thank you!

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fatowl Sat 26-Dec-15 09:36:26

My dd (18) went recently - she's extensively traveled in Asia and said UB was tough and she was only there three days. It's always different living there to visiting though.

They do have a decent international school though- I most of your social life would revolve around there (assuming that's where your dc would go)
I imagine the expat community would be small and tight.
A tough place to live, but a fantastic experience for a few years.

Def ask for a very detailed breakdown of a package - I would particularly ask about medical cover and where it would include evacuation to (Seoul?) in an extreme emergency.
I'd want a reccy without a doubt before making a decision

Alligatorpie Mon 28-Dec-15 00:20:08

Thanks so much Fatowl! I really appreciate it. Dh has a a friend who teaches at that school and is trying to convince him that we should go too. Def need to do more research and see what else comes up job wise! Thanks again

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