Moving to Singapore. With 3 kids - what to bring from uk?

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EmmaW2015 Sun 13-Dec-15 19:43:23

Looks like we are coming over in March 2016. I have three children 7,5 &3. Can I have some advice for things to pack in container please?
Size up of clothes for kids plus nappies for DD.
Any advice or things you really wished you'd brought?
Thanks in advance.

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MyFriendsCallMeOh Tue 15-Dec-15 00:33:36

Clothes are generally more expensive in Singapore than in the UK but remember that places like Debenhams, John Lewis and Next deliver there. There are also Australian brands like Cotton On that are great value in Singapore. Swimsuits were expensive when we were there, I tended to stock up on loads of these for the kids and rash tops too as mine wore both for several hours most days and the chlorine would eat away at them. I can remember paying SGD 50 for a rashtop in a waterpark and it was expensive even for Singapore (more than a normal shop) but dd left hers at home and it was important.

I can't think of anything I would take - they have nappies there and local brands like Mamy Poko or Fairprice own were as cheap as I could buy Pampers or Huggies in the UK (and just as good). If you can buy in bulk from Costco, it might be worth it though (just remember you have to store all this stuff in a Singapore sized apartment!) Take a look at the Fairprice website if you want to compare prices on super market goods.

Raee Tue 15-Dec-15 04:58:56

Singapore climate is very hot and humid. You hardly need any winter clothing here(Except when you wish to travel around the region during winter). if at all you need one, there are stores like around to get it. Especially, "Uniqlo" a Japanese store where you can easily get them at good price. You can compare the prices n see if you really need to pack one.

SeoulSista Tue 15-Dec-15 05:08:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fatowl Tue 15-Dec-15 06:34:59

I'm not in Singapore but Malaysia, and I'd recommend Boots 3for2 sunblock. You can get the australian imported brands in Singapore but they are expensive.
Clothing for yourself (esp bras) if you are above a size 14/c-cup - if this is the case you will struggle more than the kids

fatowl Tue 15-Dec-15 06:35:30

I agree Uniqlo and Cotton on are fab for the kids

Raee Tue 15-Dec-15 09:34:33

It's hard to get a light weight kids bike/ cycle, and the better quality ones are expensive too (Almost the same price as adults bike). Can get your preferred bikes if you can.


EmmaW2015 Tue 15-Dec-15 12:34:16

Thanks so much for the responses. Did you guys purchase bedroom furniture there or is it best to bring our own. Boys have huge cabin beds that need replacing so we either buy here and ship or buy once there.

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Laptopwieldingharpy Tue 15-Dec-15 13:23:31

Buy kids furniture in the UK if shipping is paid for!

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