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rates for teaching English in Germany

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fruitscone Wed 09-Dec-15 20:56:42

I have been asked to do some one to one teaching / tutoring. Mainly for grown-ups, mainly conversational. I don't know what to charge - I am a linguist but not a qualified teacher. Basically I cannot be arsed doing this at all for peanuts but it is for a friend of a friend and I am finding it hard to say no. So probably want to charge slightly below going rate but not go down as low as a friendship price, if you get what I mean.

Do any of you do teacher / tutoring and can give me a clue on going rates? I am in Bavaria by the way.

Archfarchnad Wed 09-Dec-15 21:04:02

You know you need to be charging for three-quarters of an hour as an Unterrichtsstunde, not a 60-minute hour? I'm not sure about the rates for Bavaria (and if you're in Munich or more rural) but less than 20 would be ridiculously low and more than 25 would be moving towards normal prices. So somewhere between those two prices might be a good strategy. It's also normal to ask for a Doppelstunde of 90 minutes together, which would give you around 40 to 50 euros for the whole lesson. Erm, is this going to be cash in hand or a little more official? Because that might be the decider about whether you charge the lower or higher price.

fruitscone Wed 09-Dec-15 21:36:59

Thanks Archfarchnad. That is really helpful. I am rural Bavaria and yes it will be official! I guess I go for 20 Euros for 45 mins and if they say no, they can stuff it!

Ilikedmyoldusernamebetter Thu 10-Dec-15 08:03:06

I am rural Bavaria too -

VHS pay €33 for a 1.5 hour lesson (group of 5-15 depending, beginners groups are big, Intermediate small, no advanced in our area). They also pay travel money though so I end up getting €39 per lesson as I get €6 per lesson travel expenses.

I have charged private students (adult and Gymnasium) €20 for 45 minutes but these were people I knew (not exactly friends but parents who have approached me at my youngest DC's Kindergarten mostly - I've never advertised private lessons) and I have found it not really worth my while as private lessons 1:1 need a lot of preparation compared to the VHS group lessons, so a 45 minute lesson means 45 minutes of preparation often, and there is inevitably messing about with cancelling and rescheduling - its not worth blocking the free time really.

I now teach a rather well off adult mother and daughter once a week and they pay me €40 for a 45 minute lesson! This was the older student's suggested amount (they didn't ask for my rate but offered their suggestion instead) as I do have a half hour drive to their house. I feel comfortable with that amount (obviously grin ) and didn't feel inclined to offer friendship rates as I met these students through my VHS teaching, and they decided they didn't like travelling all the way to class and wanted me to come to them - so its very much a "luxury" service IMO grin

I am a qualified teacher and have a TEFL qualification (though it was rather "dormant" as before we moved here I hadn't done TEFL for 20 years!). The people who I charged €20 only knew me as a native English speaker and weren't aware before they asked that I was a qualified teacher though.

fruitscone Thu 10-Dec-15 12:32:19

Thank you ilike - that info is very helpful. Now I have no qualms about asking for 20Euros. I was wondering before if I was being cheeky!

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