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Which primary school in Pays de Gex?!

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supertato Thu 03-Dec-15 20:43:28

Hello, we will be relocating to France in the next couple of months and are trying to decide where to look for a place to live. We would ideally like to be in Ferney (the long term plan is the ENP at the LIFV) but happy to decide on the exact location based on finding a good maternelle/ primaire and settling in the catchment area (and the commute time into Geneva...)

Does any of you have any experience with primary schools in the area and could share some insights? Also- with PLP in Ferney (although we were told that there is absolutely no chance that a space may become available before September...)? Are there any other english speaking playgroups/ parent run literacy programmes for 2-4 y.o.??

Many thanks!

jessicapearson Fri 04-Dec-15 13:47:16

Oh how exciting another mnetter in Pays de Gex. I'm afraid I can't help with your query as my children are teens now and go to Ecolint in Geneva. However, there are a couple of groups on FB that will know the answers to your questions - Gexpats and/or Parents in Geneva and neighbouring France.

We've lived here for over a year now and will be here for the forseeable future - let me know if I can help with anything else.

supertato Mon 07-Dec-15 11:45:19

Thank you Jessica, I had a quick look around but it seems that a lot of people choose schools on the swiss side. I guess it will be the case of me looking/ asking around when we get there and then looking for an apartment/ house somewhere close by.
If you don't mind me asking -where did you relocate from? Was ist an easy transition? We are moving from London for a better quality of life for kids (and jobs of course) but after a very tearful week at the nursery (for the older one) I started feeling like we are not making the right decision...

jessicapearson Wed 09-Dec-15 13:13:34

We left the UK, also London, 17 years ago and have lived in a number of European countries since (don't want to out myself). My dc have been to a mixture of local and international schools and neither started formal education until they were 6 and a half. It is easier relocating with littlies as you can find play-groups activities to go to. How old are your dc? My dc know no other kind of life but my eldest is planning to go to uni in the UK soon.

Without a doubt our quality of life improved since leaving the UK, before we both worked full-time but still spent more than we earned. However, it meant I took on the traditional SAHM role which may not suit a lot of women. Do you /your dh have a job to come to?

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