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I've just been introduced to

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GreenSand Sun 29-Nov-15 17:03:18

Who do free, international shipping, including to the arse end of beyond.
Any other gems hidden out there? Missed the boat on Xmas, but birthdays coming up.....

ThenLaterWhenItGotDark Sun 29-Nov-15 18:19:27

Be careful with them though, they also sell on Amazon and often even with postage, buying from BD on Amazon will be cheaper.

SavoyCabbage Sun 29-Nov-15 18:25:25

They tell you it's free shipping but the prices are different depending on where you live. I discovered that when shopping in tandem with my sister on the other side of the world. Both of us using the same currency. Then I checked it out using a VPN.

Mind, it's still cheaper than buying a book,in Australia.

GreenSand Mon 30-Nov-15 03:27:53

Very limited choice of books in English here, and P&P extortionate.... So paying an extra £ per book is worth it to save on postage. Unless we subscribe to shop and ship. Is that my best choice?

differentnameforthis Mon 30-Nov-15 04:11:01

Buying books here is way too expensive. MIL bought one for dd for Christmas this weekend. $17 in the book shop.

$12 on BD.

I know which I prefer

ShanghaiDiva Mon 30-Nov-15 04:21:53

I live in China and buy from them. Prices are below price on book cover and no other costs are added. I pay in sterling so it's easy to make a comparison. Amazon offers are good, but postage usually makes it more expensive than BD.

Speederman Mon 30-Nov-15 04:26:19

Get a kindle? wink

For the DC I check the UK Amazon site and the local one. Often the UK one is cheaper even taking delivery into account.

TheDowagerCuntess Mon 30-Nov-15 04:28:48

Book depository shipping takes weeks and weeks and weeks. Prohibitively long, i.e. I basically don't use the site because the shipping takes so long.

ShanghaiDiva Mon 30-Nov-15 04:40:24

Normally takes 2 weeks for a delivery to China. My normal post can take up to 6 months so delivery time is fine for me.
Where are you dowager?

GreenSand Mon 30-Nov-15 04:40:09

I've got a kindle for me. It's the UK ds (6 and 4) who need books. And needless to say libraries are not prolific, especially not in English books! No Amazon here. Most UK Amazon stores won't deliver here. The ones that do are £3 per book, plus £5.50. Not attractive!!! The extra £ or two per book, and free delivery is better.

Does anyone know of other shops who deliver worldwide at reasonable cost, for anything?

SquadGoals Mon 30-Nov-15 14:08:30

Not books, but Next and ASOS deliver clothing for free. Feel Unique for skincare, make up and hair care over £10.

GreenSand Mon 30-Nov-15 15:37:30

Brill, thanks, SquadGoals just what I was after.

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