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Sending gifts to Bermuda

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ToesAndFingersCrossed Fri 27-Nov-15 14:13:14

Hi all, thought I would get the best response here.

SIL and her DP have recently moved to Bermuda and are rather loving it. I'd like to send them some sort of Christmas present this year as they are going to be away from family over Christmas for the first time.

They have already had problems with customs though. MIL sent a package with a few bits and bobs and they had to pay a huge customs charge on it even though it was all their old stuff nothing brand new, and a few of the mugs and teapot were smashed even though MIL packaged them up meticulously, which makes me think customs didn't bother to wrap them back up after they checked the box for cheese and drugs and other illegal items.

So bar trying to just order a present from places in Bermuda, is there a good way to send stuff? I'd especially like to pre-pay customs charges so as to avoid the stress for SIL having to pay money to get her Christmas present.

Would I be better off ordering something them in the US and get the gift wrapping service so I'm not having to post it from the UK? Or would the charges be the same? I am not trying to avoid paying tax, I just don't want them to have to deal with it when it's a gift to make them feel less alone at Christmas!

I'm hoping someone who has lived there or had relatives there will have a great trick up their sleeve!

mrsmortis Sat 28-Nov-15 19:14:14

My daughter's Godfather lives in Bermuda. And we send presents to them every year. The import limit before you have to pay duty is $30. So I always send each of his children parcels separately and ensure that they are under $30 in value so that they don't have to pay the duty. This costs way more in postage but I don't think it's right for them to have to pay for me to send them a present. If we order from Amazon we have an agreement that they will wrap it for the children on arrival, rather than paying the exorbitant amount that Amazon charges.

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